The High Cost of Capitulation

…Working as a freelance writer over the last several years, I’ve witnessed firsthand how the realities of Church politics can render certain topics off-limits to Catholic editors who have the unenviable task of publishing content that confronts the important ecclesiastical issues of the day frankly while also carefully avoiding any acts of professional suicide by provoking the wrath of the institutionally powerful.

As such, I’m well aware that the pool of potential publishers for this particular article may be somewhat limited; heck, it may even amount to my own professional suicide (or martyrdom, depending on your outlook), but so be it.

We’re at war, ladies and gentlemen, and in case you haven’t noticed walking on eggshells isn’t exactly getting the job done. So with this in mind I would submit that it’s high time for our shepherds, and the Catholic faithful who foot the bills, to send a clear message to the USCCB that their current modus operandi is flat out unacceptable.

Now, let me be very clear – I’m not talking about the bishops as much as I am talking to the bishops, and I want to encourage my fellow Catholics to join me in encouraging them to wrest control of that bureaucratic behemoth that dares to speak in our collective good names.

Having grown to more than 50 departments; nearly 40 committees, subcommittees and task forces, and employing more staffers than there are active bishops, it’s not exactly surprising that the USCCB has taken on a personality all its own – this is what bureaucracies do – and the bottom line in the present case is simply this:

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops all-too-frequently behaves more like a Political Action Committee intent on pushing an agenda than a body of Apostles called to carry out a mission…  (Source)

Louie Louie!

I think you’ve said it all.  Welcome to our little gang of Hobbits.

That article was showcased on Catholic Lane, a new Catholic news and opinion website.

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