The Hidden Rebellion

Dear Friend in the Faith,

I would love for you to know about a new independent film that I am trying to finish.  It is called The Hidden Rebellion and it showcases the brave defense of religious liberty by the Catholic farmers of Vendee during the French Revolution. Surprisingly, this story means a lot to America now…

The production has been noticed by the National Catholic Register, as you can see here:

The Hidden Rebellion shows incredibly heroic lives, full of sacrifice and forgiveness, as you can see in the trailer.

Powers in education and the media have scrubbed clean the French Revolution because they want to advance the same goal in America. But we are now unraveling a possible genocide perpetrated by this Revolution.

If we succeed in showing on the Big Screen the truth about what happened, I am sure that we will change many, many hearts…

If you feel that the defense of religious liberty is important, and you have an inkling that an attractive docudrama could be a wonderful tool in that defense, I would really appreciate it if you could make a small contribution, and become an associate to this production.

This is a difficult month because I need to pay editors. I left my position as producer at the EWTN television network to produce this show. Without help, the process will stop.

Don’t allow this to happen! – because I think that we hold something very precious here.  Please, help me create a docudrama in honor of all those faithful who died at the hands of the first atheistic state.

With gratitude, this Easter Season,

Daniel Rabourdin

Birmingham, AL

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