The Hate-On is On

We are receiving some downright hateful emails (which we will not publish) from Development and Peace supporters over our continuing coverage of this scandal. Several months ago, a former military chaplain priest who travels the world giving hard hitting talks on Church moral issues told me his attitude towards such criticism. He said, “we learned in the military that when you get a lot of flack, you know you are over the target”. That seems to be the explanation for the intense anger, if not hatred, directed towards us over our reports on Development & Peace. We have been unearthing more serious and widespread problems than when we first began this series – which was never meant to be a series. The unexpected intense flack we got from the first report on the five Mexican groups indicated that there must be a lot more to the story than we were aware of – and there was – and still is, as you can see from last Wednesday and today’s reports. Stay tuned – there is more. (Source)


Three volunteer workers who complained about indirect abortion referrals at a crisis-pregnancy agency operated under the aegis of the Irish hierarchy have won complete vindication. The volunteers were dismissed by CURA in 2005, shortly after they protested the distribution of pamphlets directing women to overseas abortion clinics. Shortly thereafter, the Irish hierarchy ordered CURA to stop distributing the pamphlets in question. Now the agency has welcomed the volunteers back, offering an apology for their dismissal four years ago. (Source)

You see, folks. The war really is on. It’s not just rhetoric.  There has been this large and growing fissure in the Church for decades. It’s been our dirty little secret.  But that dirty secret is now blown wide open.

Most Catholics are against us. So are most bishops. Even those bishops who are on our side don’t have the necessary courage to stand up for life and risk their faux unity with the dissenters. 

The Catholic Church in Canada is aborting the pro-life movement and marginalizing us.  That is becoming more and more obvious as we go along in this adventure.  The evidence against D&P is overwhelming and indisputable, but the other side really doesn’t give a damn.  Facts, evidence?!  Not interested in the truth, much.  Obama is president.  Hope. Change. Social Justice. Abortion forever!

Just as well.  It means a much smaller and purified church in the end.  It couldn’t come sooner. So let your Kingdom come, Lord.

One thought on “The Hate-On is On

  1. “For the very reason that they led my people astray, saying, “Peace!” when there was no peace, and that, as one built a wall, they would cover it with whitewash, say to the whitewashers: I will bring down a flooding rain; hailstones shall fall, and a stormwind shall break out. And when the wall has fallen, will you not be asked: Where is the whitewash you spread on? Therefore thus says the Lord God: In my fury I will let loose stormwinds; because of my anger there shall be a flooding rain, and hailstones shall fall with destructive wrath. I will tear down the wall that you have whitewashed and level it to the ground laying bare its foundations. When it falls, you shall be crushed beneath it;thus you shall know that I am the Lord. When I have spent my fury on the wall and its whitewashers, I tell you there shall be no wall, nor shall there be whitewashers- those prophets of Israel who prophesied to Jerusalem and saw for it visions of peace when there was no peace, says the Lord.” (Ezechiel 13:10-16)

    Fasten your seat belts because it ain’t over according to this passage!! I think the wall is D&P, the false vision is the idea of founding D&P 40 years ago and now the whitewashers are the bishops that agree with D&P. But I could be wrong..

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