The hardline on bingos, but sodomy gets a pass

Remember what I said about the bishops doing nothing about the Rainbow Groups forming in Catholic schools?  Boy, was I right. 

Check out the commentary below by the bishops and their bureaucrats on the lame excuse why they refuse to fight for Catholic education (emphasis mine): 

…“This is an issue entirely for the school board – the teachers, the trustees and the parents and all the parties concerned are those who have to make those decisions,” Monsignor Vincent Kerr, spokesman for Bishop Douglas Crosby, told the Burlington Post.  “It’s not a question of the bishop making a decision for a publicly-funded board; they should be making the decision themselves and standing by it.”

According to Lou Piovesan, general secretary of the Assembly of Catholic Bishop of Ontario, speaking to Canada’s homosexualist newspaper Xtra! last Wednesday, “The bishops don’t dictate to the school boards; they give advice.”

“This office has no jurisdiction over school boards,” he continued.  “The Bishops of Ontario give advice to school boards on various matters pertaining to morality and faith and religious education programs.”

Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto issued a statement on behalf of the Ontario bishops on January 14th, four days before the vote.  “The bishops of Ontario agree with a January 13, 2011 Globe and Mail editorial when it says, ‘It is not for the Church, by itself, to run Catholic education in Ontario,’” said the statement. “There are numerous partners involved in the formation of our young people, all playing critical roles in the educational journey: teachers, administrators, parents, trustees, government, etc.”

In our publicly funded Catholic schools, however, as bishops it is our role to help to weave the thread of faith in our schools by offering guidance, as well as pastoral leadership and support, to our partners in Catholic education on a host of issues relating to the faith foundation of our schools,” it added….(Source)

How pathetic and sad.  As if it needs to be said, but I guess it does. Here goes….

While it is certainly true that bishops should not “dictate” to school boards what they can and can’t do in matters of education, it is also true that a “Catholic” school board cannot act in a way that contravenes Catholic teaching on human sexuality, or for that matter, to create an environment which undermines it.  The bishop has an obligation to preserve the Catholic religion and its morality in Catholic schools.  If there is a serious breach and encroachment against Catholic morality (as there most assuredly is in this case), the Bishop has a solemn duty to take appropriate action to preserve the integrity of the Faith. 

This is not a matter of “dictating to the School Board”.  This is a matter of saying, “Hey, guys, these clubs are against Catholic social teaching on human sexuality and if you take this route (which is your legal right), then I have an obligation to let the parents and the public know that this school board can no longer identify as Catholic. It’s just a matter of being honest with one another.  I don’t want to impose on you, but you sure as hell are not going to impose your Rainbow on a school which purports to be Catholic.

The bishop has a sacred obligation and a fundamental right to defend and define any social activity which involves the Catholic faith.  

“The whole Christian community, and particularly the diocesan Ordinary, bear the responsibility ‘of arranging everything so that all the faithful have a Catholic education’ and, more precisely, of having ‘schools which offer an education imbued with a Christian spirit’,” the document reads.  “Catholic schools are characterised by the institutional link they keep with the Church hierarchy, which guarantees that the instruction and education be grounded in the principles of the Catholic faith and imparted by teachers of right doctrine and probity of life.” (CIRCULAR LETTER TO THE PRESIDENTS OF BISHOPS’ CONFERENCES ON RELIGIOUS EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS, 5-6)

It is not acceptable – although hardly surprising – that the bishops affirm one truth of the School Board having the freedom to set policy, but outright ignore another equally important truth:  preserving the integrity of Catholic morality in education by assessing and then taking appropriate action on what is a Catholic environment and what is not.   The bishops and their communication directors were all hot to accomodate the homosexual agenda on the first point, but not so keen to take a stand on the second point.

Like all of the limp-wristed episcopal bureacracies in the Western world right now, it’s not so much what they say. It’s what they don’t say and what they don’t do.  They’re corpses without a sliver of courage or backbone.  And that’s why Catholic parents are left high and dry, having to go it alone without any support from the hierarchy.  It’s a massive betrayal….yet again.  Just how much more can we take from these Episcopal gladmen, as they betray the Church, Her teaching, and Her children?

You have to wonder how long it will take for the Bishops to clue into the fact that if they are not obedient to Rome, they really have no basis to claim our allegiance to them.  If they don’t do their job and ignore even basic principles of Catholic pastoral practice,  then Catholic parents and Faithful will simply ignore them.  Paradoxically, that’s the cost of staying sane and staying Catholic these days.   Sadly, the bishops have become part of the furniture; an antique, a museum piece, but certainly not someone Catholic parents can put their trust in.  I’m not sure who they are trying to impress.  NAMBLA, perhaps?

I asked myself what kind of self-respecting Catholic father would put their children in harm’s way like this, especially a bishop who is supposed to be the Head Father of a diocese? 

It’s a father who doesn’t really give a damn or is too much of a coward to do anything about it.  “Cause, you know, the Education Committee of the Assembly of the Catholic Bishops of Ontario is taking care of that.” 

I mean, what would happen if a Catholic Bishop were to strip a Catholic School Board of its “Catholic” label? 

Oh yes, I forgot, that threat only concerns bingos. Then it’s justified, but not for the local sodomy squad at the school.  Gotcha.

Just like contraception has destroyed the bonds within the family, so too has ecclesiastical contraception mystically divided the Bishops from their children. That is the only explanation as to why this has happened.

5 thoughts on “The hardline on bingos, but sodomy gets a pass

  1. Professor Tom Landers and Walter Szetela and friends have scrupulously spelled it out to these people, and we still are. These teachers Tom and Walter taught me the term pew potato, and how our so-called Bishops and Seminaries are producing them to submissively follow as Nicolaitans. When we united the concerned citizens of Canada to act and change the perverted law and Legislation that was legally exploiting Canadian children in 2008; the majority of these so-called leaders refused to help us. The concerned citizens had to spend their own money and volunteer their own time to win this victory for our children. We also discovered from our volunteer work that to many of these agnostics that helped us were former Catholics, and Protestants driven out of pagan Christianity by liberal false Bishops and Pastors. Tom taught us what Nicolaitan really means. We now live in Pagan Canada by establishment. We have to believe like Tom did that real science and common sense will change the minds of our socially engineered citizens to help us. It worked for us in 2008. One of the books he gave me was Ann Coulter’s,”GODLESS”. How true. Tom never gave up on our citizens to change their minds when reasoned with to shed their social engineering when the truth was presented with love.

  2. When I shared my concern during the Halton debacle by emailing three Ontario Bishops, including my own, I received 0 replies.
    1 Cor. 14:8

  3. Regarding the bingos in Calgary, notice what happened when Bishop Henry put his foot down: the school board rolled over and complied. Check out this quote from the article:

    *Start Quote*
    After several discussions since the beginning of September, the board and Henry were finally able to come to what board chair Cathie Williams termed a “compromise.”

    “It doesn’t serve any purpose to be at odds with our bishop,” she said. “We need to have our parish priests at the schools; we need to work in cooperation with the bishop and he was just adamant that he was not going to change his stance.

    “We didn’t want to see any of our schools in a position where they would be blacklisted. It’s not fair to the students and it’s not fair to the parent community.”
    *End Quote*

    So the bishops know they have authority. They just pick and choose when they decide to use it.

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