The Green “Sin” of Having Children

Sin: Ditching Birth Control Climate change is the last thing you want to think about in the heat of the moment. But if you forget (or choose not to use) birth control, you’re risking more than an itchy, embarrassing STD. Babies are adorable, but all those gurgling genetic replicas can be major carbon sins. Each one of those “extra” children adds 9,441 metric tons of carbon to the planet. So wrap it up with a natural latex, fair trade condom from Sir Richards or French Letter Condoms, and toss it in the garbage post-coitus. Flushing pollutes waterways and kills marine life. (Source)

Natural latex?  Sorry, but you need to get the facts about what contraception is doing to the environment.

2 thoughts on “The Green “Sin” of Having Children

  1. In a democracy this is a reflection on our voting citizens who elect politicians that reflect their values, this includes what is taught as truth to children in school. When love without meaning ( Kinsey Sex Education) and murder without guilt (Abortion) is taught to children from Kindergarten, What else can be expected? Christians once transformed pagan culture, but now only a remnant remain. To many masqueraders have permeated the fold. When Benevolent Nations change their worldview politically the consequences are all around us. Very few really care, but like to pretend they are good, thus evil prospers.

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