The Gospel of Life – A Light in the Darkness

Recorded in 1995 at HLI’s World Conference in Montreal (with some footage from the previous year in the Netherlands), this video recording demonstrates a few truths:

1) The first truth is that, far from the smear and fear campaign of the pro-abort lobby against the pro-life movement, it is the inherent nature of the Left to be violent. The few acts of violence from the pro-life side deal with a few mentally deranged or distraught parties. Contrast this to the act of abortion itself – the supreme act of violence that could ever be committed by one human on another. This heinous crime, of course, is fostered and nurtured by violent people – whether violent boyfriends who threaten women, violent organizations who profit from butchered babies, or, as this video shows in healthy measure, violent protesters who try to muzzle the truth about abortion. More scandalous, of course, are those politicians who give these people and their shrill, wicked laws support – whether by direct support or by passive support through their inaction.

Hell hath no fury like a pro-abort protestor.

2) The Main Stream Media are liars and manipulators. Pay close attention to Randall Terry’s bang-on indictment of the media mid-way through the video. It was a truthful indictment against the Canadian media “profession” who refused to cover the violent nature of the pro-abort cabal at the conference. In fact, in one media account, the protesters were referred to as merely “residents of Montreal”. You know, like concerned, peaceful citizens.

3) If a picture says a thousand words, then a video tells the whole story. And this video does indeed tell the whole story of the conflict that is raging in and around us. It’s God vs. The Devil. Watch the end of the clip. It says it all.

Light vs. Darkness.

Life vs. Death.

Truth vs. Error.

Jesus vs. The Devil.

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