Shaking up the CCCB has been a boon for pro-life activism

…CCCB president Pierre Morissette said the plenary will discuss two major reports: one by the Standing Committee on CCODP and the other by the Ad Hoc Committee for Life and Family that includes a “proposal for immediate and future pastoral planning.”

“Part of the challenge facing us is to remind our faithful how these two areas of concern are intimately inter-related,” said Morissette, whose term as president is up at the conclusion of the plenary. “Justice and human rights include respect for all human life,” and includes “concern for the human person from conception to natural death, and thus every moment in between.” …(Source)

Although the infantile policy of the CCCB to ban pro-life media (and by extension, flipping the bird to pro-life activists across the country) has overshadowed what’s going on at the Plenary,  I picked out a couple of hopeful areas from Deborah Gyapong’s article that I wish to highlight.

The first is that +Morissette’s reference to the Ad Hoc Committee for Life and Family  which includes “a proposal for immediate and future pastoral planning“.  Now, folks, what do you all suppose that means?  It means that perhaps these past three years of hammering away at Development & Peace had a secondary purpose in God’s plan.  Aside from shining the light on the abortion-pimping practices of the socialists at Development & Peace, the light was also shining on the virtual non-existence of the bishops’ teaching on human life and family issues these past 40 years.   Invariably, a few bishops realized that Development & Peace’s enthusiastic support of pro-abort political organizations was directly related to their massive negligence in the area of teaching about the sanctity of human life.   Well, better late than never, as they say. 

I also like the word “immediate” in front of “pastoral planning”.  It means that they plan to grab a clue sooner rather than later.  I hope “immediate” means the same thing to them as it does to the rest of us.  Here’s hopin’, although admittedly, “dialogue” and “transparency” haven’t fared so well in their vocabulary.

The second comment by the bishop is also certainly worth highlighting.  “Part of the challenge facing us is to remind our faithful how these two areas of concern are intimately inter-related…justice and human rights include respect for all human life.”

Really? It seems to me that there are two constituencies which need to be reminded of this “challenge”.

Development & Peace and the Canadian Bishops:  Development & Peace for financing the politico-abortion industry, and the Bishops for failing to teach Humanae Vitae which provided the vacuum for this mess to happen in the first place.

So, if the worst we’ve had to endure is the CCCB flipping a bone to D&P by banning pro-life news organizations from covering their snoozefests in exchange for some real victories and movement, I’d say it’s a great bargain.

And we should take it and run.

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