The Golden Calf of Evolution, Morality

Check it out here.  Pretty lucid and hard-hitting preaching.

I’ve never taken a “position” on Evolution because the topic has never really interested me.  But as the years go on, I am more and more inclined to oppose the predominant theories on it – even the “theistic” kind.

I have a stupid question for any Catholic evolutionist out there:  if ALL suffering and death (i.e. human and animal) entered the world because of sin, then how can that be reconciled to “spontaneous soul injection” of Adam and Eve after a few billion years evolution i.e. with the suffering and death that accompanied it?

6 thoughts on “The Golden Calf of Evolution, Morality

  1. I have never bought into evolution.Nor do i buy the young esarth creationism either. I think the story is that God prepared the earth for man by populating it with various ncreatures fit for the time, and necessary to create the conditions required for us, his crowning achievement: A being with free will who could choose to love Him or reject Him and live in filial relationship with Him.
    This can be Biblically reconciled in the stories of creation, since it is very clear that the language used was not meant to convey the events in empirically. The second story of creationn in Genesis 2 4-8 and then as it goes on to describe Adam’s creation leaves alot of freedom of interpretation.
    I don’t soend much time debationg evolution either, since God did not choose to reveal any more than He did, which tells me He thinks we should be concentrating on more pertinent matters. all we need to know for sure is that created everything, and that as creator, He’s in control.

  2. That’s a good question, John, but we’d still have to account for fossil evidence of animals having lived and died millions of years before humans appeared on the scene. I suppose the Catholic evolutionists assume that the punishment due to sin (i.e. death) can be applied retroactively in the same manner as the merits of Christ’s redemption.

  3. I would have a problem with that, Squeaker. Adam’s sin was at a point in time. Adam was created at a certain point in history and he sinned at a certain point of history. What transpired before was a matter of history. Therefore, death could not have been applied retroactively. Death entered all of creation AFTER Adam’s sin. Before Adam sinned, there was no death to speak of. Therefore, the problem from what I can see still remains.

  4. Also, Steve, I question the assumption that we are dealing with millions of years of Fossil record. The evidence suggests the opposite in line with a Flood. 🙂

  5. Don’t know if this helps, but remember there were two “falls”. The fall of Satan and then the fall of Adam. I have always assumed that Satan’s fall allowed suffering and death to be present in the world but that the first humans were not subject to this until their fall.

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