One thought on “The Gangster who became a Saint

  1. Secular Democratic Catholics and the Protestant Cults can come to Christ today if they choose to become real Christians, in this former Christian so-called neutral Secular Pagan Western Civilization,Where Graduate Students have a difficult time in finding employment in the professions that they worked hard to get their degree in.Unless they convert to the tenets of Secular Paganism.They are given a choice Christ or Barabbas.Christianity or so-called neutral Secular Paganism?In Canada,USA,Europe and The America’s my contemporaries started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer led by our school teachers.Where are the judges,politicians,educator’s,theoreticians and ideologists who led us into this new so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan State sanctioned worldview-religion?Why hasn’t Parliament and The Supreme Courts been held accountable for the political mess they precipitated with the help of The Popular Media Moguls?Kinsey Sex Education indoctrinated Kids jumping into bed with other kids is supporting entire industries of grateful adults.The Worldwide Abortion industry alone brings in billions annually with neutral Secular Western Democratic support.Do Secular Catholic and Protestant Scholars really believe arguing about the attributes of Mother Mary will bring more people to politically come to their senses?Do you really believe the secular physicians,nurses,medical suppliers and politicians who owe their livelihood to the killing of children in their mothers wombs would prefer that adolescents abstain until marriage?It is high time for Christians to know for sure that Democratic Secular Paganism is not a neutral,but enforces it’s political views by government and court decree.When Seculars tell you that they have no worldview-religion they are being dishonest.

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