The Gag Order Heard Round The World

We’ll see how that pans out. But I’m heartened by the stirring example of Lou Pelletier, a Connecticut father who took his sick daughter to hospital in Boston only to have her kidnapped by the tinpot tyrants of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. That was a year ago. Since then he has been under a “gag order” imposed by Suffolk County judge Joseph Johnston. Initially, Mr Pelletier abided by the terms of the gag order, and didn’t talk about what had happened to his daughter. Only when he broke the order and began discussing the case on TV and radio did the tide begin to turn. Judge Johnston’s first reaction was to threaten Mr Pelletier with contempt of court. But by now the issue was not the behavior of the parents but the behavior of DCF and a crappy third-rate judge getting away with it under cover of darkness. Once Mr Pelletier threw off his gag order, neither Johnston’s nor DCF’s behavior could withstand the cleansing sunlight of media scrutiny. Justina Pelletier has now been returned to the care of her doctors, and her father’s gag order has been lifted – but only after his own courage had rendered it meaningless. Had he maintained his deference toward a judge unworthy of it, his daughter would still be a hostage of DCF. There’s a lesson for all of us there. (Source)

Without courage, our society will wither in the face of evil.

2 thoughts on “The Gag Order Heard Round The World

  1. Blessed is the womb that bore You.
    Knowledge of the natural action of the fertility cycle is the key to proper sexual relations between male and female, and empowers the female to regulate and determine her pregnancies. It’s called “The Billings Method of Natural Birth Regulation”, or more commonly, “The Billings Method.” It was developed by Catholic doctors, John and Evelyn Billings of Australia in direct response to a plea by Pope Paul Vi to find a way to regulate birth that was pleasing to God. The Billings Method fulfills the Biblical command: “What God has joined together, let no man separate.” How marvelous, and to what extent, God has joined man and woman in married sexual relations is revealed by the amazing results of following the Billings Method. #1)The Man and Woman become organically united on the same “sex cycle” and harmonize their bodies in a way that defies complete explanation; #2) the moment of ovulation becomes known – FELT – with such exactness that the gender of the child can be determined by the parents, who assume the title of “Co-Creator” with God of a new boy, or a new girl, as they decide. This method MUST BE TAUGHT as the fruit of “Humanae Vitae”. Taught to all women, all over the world. The scientific knowledge that Drs. John and Evelyn Billings discovered must be HUMANITY’s inheritance.

  2. Speaking of gag orders.

    There was a monthly meeting at a 12 step group known for its members who verbally attack and make threats to people who happen to be Catholic and who have had to go to the police because of such threats. These people and there are a few of them( one a person who is not shy about practicing her occult divinity
    in said rooms and the others who wear sunglasses
    and whose sole purpose it seems to be to attack, (physically if they can think they can get away with it, and verbally, ridicule and try to mock and deride anyone who speaks up strongly in their Catholic Faith.

    They are banding together with the LGBT or whatever groups who have infiltrated every arena (and its not just cause they have a problem with an” ism”, concerning addiction persay to any drink or drug, but…instead , as has been happening for some time, are part, and parcel of the Masonry attack on and in the Catholic Church as well as being a part of the infiltration of those who are part of the New Age conspiracy to move in ways, so that they take over governments, school education, and of course the Catholic Church, and even Christianity,
    itself with the sole purpose to push God out. Look at Quebec right now with its secular agenda banning Religious symbols etc.

    At this meeting last week, which I was not at but heard about today, there was great zeal to ban people from being allowed to discuss God in a “religious way. They have been trying to get the Lord’s Prayer banned for some time apparently to no avail, but the tide is getting stronger in that direction.

    In other words people can share “experience strength and hope” about the gods
    of nature , of other people of themselves, and even of course things such as motorcycles.
    Yes, this is true,really. One so called Catholic even said such today, again it really does not matter” who” you put your faith in,as long as “it’s” something outside of yourself, and to not offend anyone, I guess or be construed as being one of those rigid stuffy Catholics who follow the God of their childhood, you know the meanie God who rewards and punishes”, but rather the one who is unconditionally loving. Can’t forget that gem thrown in for balance, to try to justify such idolatry, of making up the god of your misunderstanding who just luuuuuuuuvs! ya and never says peep when you offend him or should I say her, oh sorry, it?
    He then continued adding to said statement “as long as you develop a deep
    relationship with this god.”

    You mean the motorcycle? Oh o.k. just wanted make sure of that. Anyway, crux of the matter I understood that last week there was some kind of ruckus, which are becoming commonplace in such rooms cause you know they “…never be that awful word…organized” and by the looks of the red dyed streak running through some of the people who are trying to ban any talk of this God of Religion, they are Mad and are not going to take it anymore.!!!
    Again, the gag order. some people are trying to impose in the 12 step meetings about what people can say about the One True Christ and their love of their Faith and what and how He alone saved them, and even through their praying the Rosary while they were near death in the hospital after He saved them from 2nd 3rd and 4th degree burns and maybe from Hell (oooooh there is that forbidden word of the place that does not exist or, or so sorry… where according to the visionaries from Medjugorje , becomes comfortable for people after awhile.

    Oh well, no need to to worry then all you people, just keep contracepting, aborting, living in sin, lying, performing inherently digusting perverse sexual deviant acts that bring disease and death to you spiritually and physically, and denying, justifying and rationalizing away…you have nothing to worry about, especially, concerning this latest one you’ve been working overtime behind closed doors in your dark places and minds to make a “rule” rather a “condition”. You know the one of attempting to control what people are allowed to say about the “Religious God”, the one about, banning the mentioning of the name of the God of one’s childhood that is the “Same yesterday, today and forever”, or mere uttering of love for the Catholic God , you know the one who goes by the name Jesus Christ Who suffered and died for you alone and then rose from the dead so you could repent from your sin with true contrition and receive HIs Divine Mercy as well
    share in His Sacred and Glorious Body and Blood
    and have access to His Sacred Heart throught the Intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the help of Good St. Joseph and all the Saints and Angels, as well as all the Sacraments of the One Holy Catholic Church that is founded on the Rock Of Peter and to which the gates of Hell shall not prevail The One Who gave Himself completely for you so you may have a chance to spend Eternity with Him in Heaven instead of Hell No you want to ban Him …Remember the song “Did she mention my name in passing?” can change that to”No… we did NOT mention your name Jesus , in passing or otherwise, in fact we made sure no one ever gets to mention your name. NOT on our call in our rooms, nor did we allow mention of Your being part of the Blessed Holy Trinity of The One True God, of the Father,
    Jesus Christ the Son, and The Holy Ghost, cause they said at a “business meeting we were banned from doing so. Oh well. But, guess what ? we…, some of us anyway still mentioned that euphemism, that they call you now, you know the one that is like a ketchup sauce, what is it now ? oh I know! higher power or h.p. for short, since you know here we really do not name names. except when we are blaspheming Yours.

    Lord Jesus Christ Have Mercy
    on all of us

    I love and adore only You
    Blessed Sacred Holy Trinity

    And thank You Blessed Virgin Mother and Queen Mary ,
    Glorious , and Chaste Spouse St. Joseph
    and St. MIchael and all
    the Angels and Saints

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