One thought on “Back to the Future for the Catholic Liturgy

  1. This is wonderful and true, but with all due respect, God through Jesus, Mary and His Holy Spirit will meet all people where they are at. He then Will lead them in due time to where He wants them…if WE get out of the way, and pray, and only help when God says so.

    I have seen many young people transformed by encountering Gods’ Love through contemporary music at first. It was not necessarily, all about “feelings” neither because some of these bands demand more than that and even state exactly that that their music’s primary is not to “entertain”
    people solely, (although, that might be an aside to the message in order to catch their attention).

    They first encounter they may have never had of a the love of a God Who loves them as they are, and understands them, may be through through that music written by a good many of youth who have encountered hell on earth or or are wondering is this all there is, or are realizing the “feeling” of not belonging to this world. It is quite a shock to their normative surroundings often that try to sell them drugs, sex and all other perversions as a way to happiness, and belonging if you can’t find it , through material gain or “standing”, or so-called education. Youth who come from broken homes (yes…even in middle class suburbia, (in fact probably more so, often are looking for God but can’t find Him. I felt that way, and guess what it was, was,because this is not my real Home, and I could not nor did I really want to fit into all the lies, slaveries entrapments that mask as happiness, security and the like, in a culture that pushes all decay , narcissism, abuse, and moral depravity in a great deal of youth oriented music.
    Some people sing “freedom” songs because they have benn given Gods Grace of freedom from the enslavement of drugs, alcohol and many other enslavements they thought they could n ot do with out, and have joy. Often people who have no real joy (even in the midst of quiet suffering) cannot stand people
    who sing out joyfully in whatever music that God Blesses them with. If they had peace with God this would not bother them. They do not have real peace and acceptance of God working in other peoples lives the way HE chooses and think they have a special hold on How God reveals Himself and Whatever Way He so Chooses.

    God also says in Hi Word many times, make loud joyful noise to the Lord, again sing loud joyful songs…so…or pray and sing quietly, or not at all, but at least one should wonder why they have trouble singing to the Lord, could it be …sin or “self”
    conciousness. I heard we are to be undignified at times, not caring about who is bothered when we praise Jesus. Again…if this bothers others they should ask themselves…WHY? It does not bother
    Jesus or Mary…I know.

    So, to stay humble we must also remember and be honest and admit that we also have no right to say how God is going to capture the hearts of His young, but maybe we should remember a line from Casting Crowns (a contemporary youth band, that many…uhummm people I know have put their videos on their blogs) who say, (to paraphrase) Jesus WILL save
    the world, but (perhaps), at times we should get out of the way, because He is tripping over us.

    I am reminded that any sort of disturbance in me
    is in me and if it is triggered perhaps that is a sign, I do not rust God , and or am trying to control, and or maybe I need to look deep and admit, He has the whole world in His Hands and Knows What is happening and Will Do Whatever is needed whether I am around to see it or not.

    I need to remember to do my small part, which is to pray, and love as He does, Love is KIND, and patient, and lonnnnnnnnnnnnng suffering, and does not boast , is not prideful, does not anger, and does not remember wrongs,but always seeks the best for everyone, and even sees others as better than oneself. Now that should keep one busy. The other part of that is if we speak in tongues, prophecy, etc, but have not love we are nothing but loud gongs. We actually can do more harm. What does everyone respond to LOVE, knowing that they are accepted for who they are (not what they do, or have done, or what knowledge, or even what Faith they belong to, what they look like, what education they have or mostly what sins they have committed and yes…because they are human still commit…but because they ARE. Gods Love is not Love, because or Love if…It is I love you because you are.

    We pray, love forgive, watch the tongue (a good book is called Taming the Tongue), because out of the abundance of the heart ,the mouth speaks, and we will be judged for every angry, unkind, prideful ,mean spirited, condescending, boastful, hate filled, mocking, arrogant words
    we speak.
    Pride comes in many forms and we need to see this.

    Holy Spirit heal all our hearts and make them like Yours, so we may be meek and humble of heart.

    I love and adore You and Thank You
    God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit
    through Our Blessed Virgin and Mother… Mary.

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