The Funeral Files of Ted Kennedy

Senator Ted Kennedy, the U.S. Senator from Boston, Massachusetts, passed away in August 2009 and was afforded a grandiose and public funeral by the Catholic Church in Boston, presided over by Cardinal Sean O’Malley.

Despite the clear canonical prohibition to not give notorious sinners a public funeral, Cardinal O’Malley and his supporters believed it was entirely appropriate. Here in Canada, his fiercest defender was Fr. Tom Rosica, the CEO of Salt + Light Television. In the subsequent weeks, Fr. Rosica went on a media rampage, attacking Catholic pro-life media services like EWTN, LifeSiteNews, and even Socon or Bust and other Catholic Bloggers for their opposition to this sham spectacle of honouring one of the most notorious pro-abort politicians in history.

The ensuing exchange between Salt + Light and the pro-life community in Canada showed the deep division between the current powerbrokers in the Catholic Church’s hierarchy and the lay faithful who were rightly scandalized by the Church’s actions during the Kenney funeral. (09.08)

FEATURE: A Church Comfortable with the Abortion-Politicians: Fr. Rosica, The Catholic Church, and the Marginalization of the Pro-Life Movement
(2 Parts Series)

Excerpt: “Jesus could have avoided crucifixion if He just danced a bit for King Herod too. Herod was the liberal, political establishment figure of His time. But Our Lord wouldn’t dance for him. Why not? Herod wasn’t asking Jesus to deny His own divinity, after all…just to use it to entertain him with a miracle or two. Our Lord didn’t perform for Herod because doing so would have cheapened the truth for the sake of mere human respect and political protocol – which is precisely what happened at the Kennedy funeral. Just as Jesus would not betray the dignity that His Divinity demanded of Him before a violent and liberal political class, so too should have Cardinal O’Malley not betrayed the dignity of the unborn by forgetting who he was and who he represented, and by celebrating a notorious public legacy whose scandalous and murderous focus was the dismemberment of the helpless unborn child.”

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2 thoughts on “The Funeral Files of Ted Kennedy

  1. I call it atheism by establishment, when the state shall not acknowledge the existence of God as the moral governor of the world, and abolish the Christian worldview from government by decree. But when Cardinal O’Malley tries to justify an abortion promoter the church can no longer stay silent.

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