The Foundation of Our Problems

Cardinal Edouard Gagnon, PSS (1918-2007), one-time head of the Committee of the Family and later President of the Council for the Family, expressed more than once the opinion that those Canadian bishops who supported the Winnipeg Statement were in schism. In truth, by the Winnipeg Statement, Canadian bishops became promoters of mass murder and complicit in turning thousands of sewers into tombs. (Source)

All of this “social justice” garbage that Canadian Catholics are heroically enduring is because of the dirtly little secret schism of the Canadian Church with Rome.  On paper and in practice.  The Winnipeg Statement has wreaked havoc in the Church far beyond even Canadian borders.

One thought on “The Foundation of Our Problems

  1. The Winnipeg Statement needs to be firmly and publicly rejected by the CCCB. Please pray for all the Canadian bishops, that they will have the eyes of their hearts opened.

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