2 thoughts on “The Forbidden Rite

  1. It’s high on emotional appeal, and low on content. How many images of priests in pious gestures do you really need to get the message across? Not as many as are used here.

  2. What a beautiful video to open up to on your website, John. Thank you for this. It is my birthday, and I cannot think of a more beautiful gift. I will watch it over and over.

    How tragic is the comment that it is “high on emotional appeal, and low on content” and the subsequent insults of the Priests being pious.
    NO!!!all beautiful!!!!, and one of my favorite Saints, whom I was blessed to be introduced to early on my returning to the One True Faith. …I love St. Padre Pio… God had me meet a nun from St. Clement’s Parish in 1999 on a Greyhound Bus returning from Toronto to Ottawa who was asked to participate intimately at His funeral Mass, and she invited me to come to St. Clement’s which I did when it was on Mann Ave.

    …Anyway, now I am rambling.

    Thank you again
    God Bless you and yours
    In Jesus, Joseph and Mary
    and in God The Father, God The Son Jesus Christ, and God The Holy Spirit

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