CHRC Tanks During Interview

This confident defensiveness was the general tone of the interview with Mr. Fine and his colleagues Monette Maillet, director of legal advisory services and a top Section 13 litigator, and Harvey Goldberg, senior policy advisor on hate speech, disability and First Nations issues.But to judge from the two times they muted their line for private discussions about what they should or should not say, and from the conspiratorial whispering that could be heard in the background during the call, their confidence masked deep concern for the CHRC’s public reputation.That reputation has taken a beating in the past few weeks. Calls for the abolition or reform of the federal and provincial human rights commissions have grown as hate speech laws designed for racist propagandists have been used against mainstream journalists, notably the staff of Maclean’s magazine, who are accused of Islamophobic hate messages by the Canadian Islamic Congress for, among other things, columns and a book review…. (Source)

I just got a kick out of this A+ interview by Joseph Brean of the National Post.   The CHRC bosses muted the interview twice.  If that is not indicative of the esteem the operatives and spies at the CHRC have for free speech, I simply don’t know what is, frankly.  The delicious irony of their self-imposed interruptions and their conspiratorial whisperings in the background only show how sad and pathetic they are.  They’re so confused, they  don’t even believe in free speech for themselves.   But they know that their number is up and they’ve been caught in the act.

The CHRC represents everything wrong with this country and the politically correct regime of speech crimes and thought control.   It has never occurred to them that, far from eradicating hatred, they are fomenting it with their abuse of power.  They are enraging people (like me) who would have normally never have given a second thought to opposing them in their employment and housing work.  The way to eradicate hatred is not through the State’s Jackboot.  What fool really believes this? 

Anyhow, the Human Rights Commissions know they are on the ropes and their operating tactics are now the subject of criminal activity.   And criminal activity should be punished through the full extent of the law. Those employees who are involved or privy to criminal activity at the CHRC should face the full weight of that law personallyJust like they bankrupted their victims, ruined families, and created a new subclass of citizens in this country (i.e. Christians and conservatives), now it’s the time to hold each of them personally responsible for the misery they’ve inflicted on innocent, decent Canadians.  

One thought on “CHRC Tanks During Interview

  1. I read the National Post article by Mr. Brean. Now let’s see what was said by the Canadian Human Rights Commission… and I quote from the article, these very words enunciated by a desperate minion working at the CHRC:

    “Savage commie Jews hate European beauty and nobility,” he said, quoting a prominent violator of Canada’s most controversial hate speech law, and disabled people are “parasites,” “incognizant primates,” “genetic throwbacks” and “lesser beasts that must be culled from the herd.”

    He quoted another to the effect that “a nigger will try to kill you just for a slice of pizza or a piece of chicken … By Aryan standards, negroes are dangerous animals” and should be presumed guilty of crimes.”

    …uh, WTF? The CHRC said what?

    If you or someone used the same sort of language – in whatever context, we’d be spanked by CHRC.

    These people are out of control. Totally out of control.

    Someone should file a class action suit, you know, a CHRC grievance with the CHRC …whoa… wouldn’t that be crazy? The CHRC policing themselves?

    That’s like asking dung beetles to guard a fresh steamy coil.

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