4 thoughts on “The first point of the Gospel: “God’s love”

  1. I’m a young Catholic who’s been involved in Andre’s movement, Catholic Christian Outreach. They’ve been doing great work in evangelizing on campuses across Canada. Our campuses are sorely in need of Catholic presence and evangelization. It’s nice to see Andre’s message being spread.

  2. We live in a former Christian Democracy in Government, Law and Education where it was common to pray to Jesus, and see The Ten Commandments on Courtroom and Classroom walls. Most of our Soldiers prayed before battles. The majority of our citizens who did not attend The Edifices of worship knew to live by The Ten Commandments. The majority of the people who helped us raise the age of sex consent left Catholicism and Protestantism, because of a Politically Correct Relativism masquerading as Christianity. These people worship God and live by the Ten Commandments more than most. They called themselves agnostics because they no longer wanted to be ministered to by phonies. This is not an issue of believing in God but of A Pagan Christianity.
    In a Democracy the citizens vote by their freewill for Traditional Family Values politicians, or Politically Correct politicians and Parties. In a Democracy the citizens choose by their free will the direction our Canada will go. They vote for the people who will pass Bills in our Legislatures and Parliament into Canadian Law. Many people who call themselves Catholics and Protestants support and elect politicians and Parties with evil Policies, thus helping in the passing of bad Legislation into Canadian Law by their free will. How are you using your free will?

  3. I am also part of Catholic Christian Outreach and we did a Catholic mission in Ottawa this summer. Many peoples lives were changed through the evangelization that occurred there. Many people need to truly see God’s love and choose it for themselves and CCO is doing a great job of getting that message out there. We need CCO on more university campuses because their methods are so effective at cutting through the disenchanted lives that we live. I’m very delighted to see Andre’s message being spread!

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