One thought on “The Fight Over Hell

  1. Good for Michael as usual for his latest Truth filled Vortex on Hell, I hope readers take the time to watch the link from his excellent older Vortex titled simply “Hell” that he included a link to.

    It is an hour and something in duration, but 90 minutes out of one’s day to watch and meditate on this is well worth the time . Our Eternity is at stake, and as he said. As he says, This life, this Second Chance we have been given is no game.
    Our souls have been purchased at a price. Look at the Cross. We live once and then we die, and go before the judgement seat of God, and then the time of Mercy is over, for Jesus will place us at either the right side of Him or the left, and that is what our whole life is for. To prepare us, for where , by the choices we have made, on where we will spend our Eternity.-In Heaven or Hell. It is that simple while we are here, too really. We either serve God or Satan.

    We either choose to do the Will of God or we do not, and that will determine how, and what we are judged on. God sees the motives of our hearts and if we love Him, and listen to His and Our Blessed Mother Mary, whom He has given us ,to intercede for us to Him, and to lead us to His Divine Will,… for Who would no better than Mary. and want to make Him, and His Will first and foremost, and then others, and love them as He does, in Truth. It is then then we will be with Him, by loving What and How He does.

    When you love someone you care about their Eternity before anything else. and if you see them going in the wrong direction because you love then as Jesus does, you tell them, and do not remain silent. In fact as Michael says that is not an option for Faithful Catholics. We will be judged on whether we spoke to our fellow men on Truth, and if we see saw them headed in the wrong direction.
    The two greatest sins are and, even according to the 12 steps — 1-Not growing and persevering in ones’s own spiritual progress, towards The One Absolute Truth and… 2-interfering in another’s by leading or witnessing to them falsehood, and the wrong way.

    There is only One Way.

    Jesus will hold us accountable on how we witnessed to others, His One Absolute Truth, and we are responsible to Him regarding this .

    So we must stop dilly-dallying and wasting time on superficial past-times that mean nothing in light of Eternity, and focus on whether what we choose to do is for the Glory of God and, whether , or not, it will help us witness His Truth, concerning whatever vocation , and place in this life here on Earth we now hold.

    Thank You Lord God for giving His Life so we can spend Eternity- hopefully, with You. That depends on us doesn’t it.?

    I trust, love, adore, and need- only You
    for You Are ALL.

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