The Fay

Here is the trailer for a short film called “The Fay” which my friend and film-maker (and one helluva Catholic Apologist, by the way – check out some of his stuff at The Catholic Legate), has put together:

Not bad for a shoe-string budget.  Imagine if he had some money?  I can tell you, after reading the script for one of his other movies, if it ever saw some real dough, it would be one huge draw….no doubt about it.

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I am more and more convinced that we Catholics have to start to “kick it up a notch” and start to develop our own heavy artillery.  That means building the infrastructure that can reach millions with a Catholic world-view and the associated mythology in film in order to win the culture back.

Please pray for the success of IgniteTV…that it can become a means of mass conversion by engaging the culture and winning the hearts of minds of people.


One thought on “The Fay

  1. I see… the lack of purity in this actress’ attire for the sake of “Catholic” movies is o.k. then?
    Sorry… what Louise Martin’s download regarding modesty and the references made pertaining to it, by Squeaker a few days ago, contradict’s this, as does hopefully anyone who does not make exceptions to the rule of purity in what we show, and don’t show in movie (clips), advertisements, magazine lingerie ads, etc.

    It is just this kind of confusion by so-called Catholic apologists that confuse people. However Mother Mary is very clear about the topic. If one is a true believer in this, how he can stress it by how he sees his family is dressed then at the same time, condone terrible examples that contradict it by others.

    The woman in this trailer is scantily clothed and dressed in green, which by Hollywood tastes and norms I am sure sells.

    True Catholics may not join the ranks, compromise cause “others” do it, and sell out.

    Classic films that held modesty close and women who had intelligence and morals being close to their hearts are so desperately missed by those who have had the privileged to view them, and how sad it is for the young eyes who have not.

    Lord Have Mercy
    and Bring all of your children back to the Truth regarding Purity
    of Mind Body and Spirit

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