“The father of my baby took off…”

Yesterday, I had one of the saddest encounters of my life in front of the abortion clinic. A woman who had had 3 previous abortions was waiting outside the clinic. I spoke about my abortions, and how I felt now. She said, “my baby has a beating heart, I saw it’s heart beating, but I’ve got to take care of the 2 kids I have with me, I’m afraid of the Children’s Aid Society taking them and I’ve been on drugs and alcohol and I tried the morning after pill which didn’t work. So my baby is already messed up. I’ve lost 50 pounds and am not sleeping. I know it’s murder, so you don’t have to tell me that it is alive. I know it is.”

I said “I work with people with disabilities and they are very precious and happy to be alive, and there is a good chance your baby is not disabled.”

She said “You seem like a nice man who is responsible, but the father of my baby took off, and I’ve got 2 kids at home and I can’t handle another one.”

I said “I was like that but I got cleaned up and my life turned around many years ago.” I said “I have a good job and I’m willing to adopt her.”

She stopped and looked at me for a moment, as if to consider it and said “but I’m not going to go through a long pregnancy with my current kids.”

I said “I can help, there is much help.”

She said “If you want to help anyone go talk to the disappearing fathers.”

I said “when we don’t know God we men sometimes do terrible things, and are selfish and irresponsible.”

She said “I’ve done many selfish and irresponsible things too … hitting my kids sometimes when I can’t cope, and always afraid of the CAS, drugs and alcohol … you know, you are not going to make me change my mind. I know I’m going to hell” as tears welled up.

I said “it doesn’t have to be this way. God is really good at making things work out. God loves us so much.”

She said “God never listens to my prayers.”

By this time I was crying too. I said “sometimes it seems like he’s not listening, but when we look back we can see clearer. I can help you, and I know many others who can help us.”

She said “I’ve got to go” and crying, she asked “please pray for me.” Then she turned around and opened the door to 65 Bank street and disappeared.

I got on my bike and drove home with a lump in my throat as the world went about its business as if nothing was wrong. Nothing seems to make sense to me anymore. Am I going crazy?


The above posting comes from my good friend, David MacDonald.  The ironic thing about abortion is that it is not a woman’s issue. It’s man’s issue before it’s a woman’s issue.

Abortion came in because of men…and it will go out the same way, despite what feminists wrongly believe.

One thought on ““The father of my baby took off…”

  1. Thi is a very moving and edfying account of your thoughts and actions. Thank you David for showing the poor self-effacing woman with so many problems that you were not afraid to reach out and help her with all of them. You are unique in this way for I would not have been able to offer what you were able to do. It is not crazy to want to help. Persevere. And I shall likewise honour this woman’s request for prayers. I hasten to add, ” God Bless you for all you do for Christ’s little ones.” They will pray for you and for all of your pro–life intentions. Lord knows we need them in Canada.

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