The Fat Lady is Singing for the Church of England

When the final decision comes down enforcing women bishops on the remaining conservatives in the Church of England, it’s going to be a rather large wave of converts coming into the Ordinariate.

Benedict XVI kills three birds with one smooth stone: 

1) uniting true Christians under Rome’s banner;

2) hastening the demise of liberal “Christianity” in the Church of England’

3) giving the liberal-dominated English Catholic episcopacy in the Latin Rite some competition for the Faithful (My guess is that within 2-3 generations, either the bishops of England sober up and start teaching the Catholic Faith or the Bishops of the Ordinariate simply replace them completely)

Within a generation, the Church of England and its liberal comrades in the U.S. are finished. The only thing left will be their money which will be given to some “charitable” cause, advancing eco-worship or the lastest social justice cause.

Frankly, I’m amazed at how blind sin can truly make you.  It’s not like these liberal congregations are bursting at the seams. They all practice safe, sterilized sex. Either with a condom or a private part not capable of reproduction.

No kids, no life, no future.  Just one final orgasm, before the last goodbye.

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