The New Bench Warmers

…As for other Catholics coming on board with Cardinal Collins, it remains to be seen whether the average Catholic in the pew will show meaningful support. Over the last two years, the Ontario bishops themselves avoided helping parents’ associations while they themselves negotiated in secret. And for five decades Canadian bishops have refused to take action against Catholic politicians who publicly dissent on grave moral issues, even though Canon law demands they do…(Source)

How could we, simple lay people that we are, have seen this coming for 10 years now and yet our Bishops been blind as bats?  Simple. They’ve been institutionalized and politicized for the past 50  years.  They no longer see attacks on the Faith as moral struggles against the world and the Devil.  They see these attacks as merely political questions which can find “accommodation”.  They lost on this question, as they have lost in the past and will continue to lose in the future.  

Catholic parents have to wake up.  The bishops have chosen not to defend your rights to Catholic education for your children.  They aren’t going to help us.  Get it?  They’re politicians and managers. That’s it.  And don’t bother asking them for our money to start a separate school system, either.   They will simply point you to Dalton’s school system.  See look, right there on the wall of the school, it says “St. Svend’s Catholic School”.  What more can you possibly want for your kids?  There’s rainbows and tolerance all over the school.  There’s even talk of a bathhouse after hours, as part of the new sexual education program.   It’s all good and wholesome education!

The Catholic bishops of this province and country are too busy funding and supporting social justice and eco-awareness initiatives – the really, really important issues of our day as you all are acutely aware.  But for your child’s moral and spiritual education? 

Bah. Let them eat cake.

Folks, I told you what needs to be done.  Pull all of your charitable money if you have to.  Stop funding the bureaucracy.   Save your kids, first.  These are dark times which call for drastic measures.

The sad thing about this is that, by their own negligence, they are undermining their own authority and the trust we place in them. It’s not a great thing to pull our trust in the bishops, but we can’t let a greater evil take our kids down as well.

Our religious freedom will be stripped from us in due order….just like what’s happening in the States right now.  And, please, please, please, please!  Don’t look so damned surprised, OK?  That’s how it has worked throughout Salvation history.  Slavery follows sin.   Brush up on your Old Teastament and you’ll get the picture.  No amount of singing about “freedom” is going to change anything either. God will not hear our prayers for freedom like some magic incantation.  Why?  Because there is no freedom without truth and in a culture of death, there will be no truth without sacrifice.

Pray for courageous lay leaders to pony up and lead.  If the bishops don’t want to lead, let them warm the bench.

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