One thought on “The Facts of Life for Liberals

  1. The West was Christian in Government, Law and Education. The year 307 Roman Emperor Constantine converted from Subjective Paganism,to Objective Christianity. In 1962 the West declared objective Christianity unconstitutional,and Subjective so-called neutral Pagan Secularism constitutional. School teachers no longer led students in,now considered unconstitutional, The Lord’s Prayer, and now considered unconstitutional,The Ten Commandments, were taken off Government,Courthouse,Schoolhouse Walls and discarded.

    The Pagan so-called neutral Secularism became The Official Western State Worldview/Religion. Conservative Governments have an enemy within, the so-called Neo-Conservatives’s or Neo-Con’s,who are Liberals/N D P who call themselves Conservatives. Even in majority Conservative Governments these side with The LIBERAL/N D P on Bills, to make sure righteous Traditional Family Values Bills don’t Pass in Parliament to become Canadian Law. Check for yourselves how they vote on The Federal Government Web-Sites.Canada’s Federal site is
    If Vigilant citizens would POLITICALLY turf these,then righteous Laws would become the norm with Majority Conservative Governments.

    The alternative now are righteous Independents or Christian Political Parties,as the others compromise regularly, and Legislate Evil as so-called human rights. In democracies the choice is in the hands of voting citizens.

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