The Faces of the New Evangelization

Don’t look for comfortable media clerics to lead the charge.  Look for these….

It’s so rugged and Canadian, eh?  It’s got such a “Jean de Brébeuf” feel to it, n’est-ce pas?

Queenship of Mary – where the real action is in the New Evangelization.

Real Sisters, Real Faith, Real Results.

Got to get us some of that!

4 thoughts on “The Faces of the New Evangelization

  1. I don’t want to see any of these ladies anywhere near an airport. You can hide as much stuff under a habit as you can under a burka.

  2. That’s right, Bill. All those Catholic nuns blowing up planes. You never know who you can trust these days.

    After all, everyone knows there is no difference between Pious Nuns who abhor and denounce terrorism and the Islamicists.

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