The face the media doesn’t want you to see

“You make me sad, because you only believe what older people tell you.” Devorah told her no, she had studied all the information for herself. The  doctor said, “No, you only believe what they tell you.” Devorah once again explained the type of research she had done. The Doc refused to accept this fact again and tried to argue biology with her. (biology was clearly not the Dr’s field of expertise and Devorah politely destroyed her argument).  The young doctor looked Devorah in the face yelled “You Don’t Know Anything!” and ran away.

What I found phenomenal about the whole thing was the repeated refusal by the young women to accept that Devorah wasn’t being brainwashed by some old crazy foggies.

It makes sense though. The Abortionists want the argument to be Women’s rights vs Crazy Old White Racists Men. The Media LOVES “Women vs Crazy Old White Racist Religious Men.”

But in reality, the majority of pro-life activists that I know are more like Devorah. Informed young women who don’t fit into that popular narrative and their opponents do NOT like it.

Because if people find out that the majority of people fighting against this supposed “women’s rights” issue are women themselves, they might not brush it aside so easily. (Source)

Exactly.  But in point of fact, it’s the old secular, fundamentalist, pro-abort man and the young, hip young Christian woman that the media has to face, and they don’t like it one bit.  Youth is not on their side.

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