The Face of Horror Looking At Demonic Feminists

Proud that these brave Catholic men did not lay one finger on these hosebeats.  Showed great restraint and predestination, knowing that our battle is really not against flesh and blood but with the principalities and thrones of the age. 

Feminism destroys authentic femininity.  It must be defeated.  It’s a wonderful thing that in this footage, it was men who defeated it and sent the Devil packing.

He shared how “there was a moment in which a girl whose face was covered stood in front of me. I decided to look into her eyes without ceasing to pray, while she assaulted me.”

“There was an instant in which our eyes met and we each held our gaze firmly. Suddenly she became calm and quiet; slowly she uncovered her face and looked at me, and withdrew in silence away from the crowd,” he said.

You want to see what strong, Catholic masculinity is about? You got it, Sister!

Rarely do Catholic men have an opportunity to pound their chests in thanksgiving for other men defending the Faith, but damn this is an inspiring story that does just that!

Looking forward to Saturday nightSaturday night’s alright for fighting, get a little action in!

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