The Era of Peace

THE Era of Peace—a heresy? Two more antichrists? Has the “period of peace” promised by Our Lady of Fatima already happened? Was the consecration to Russia requested by her valid? These questions below, plus a comment on Pegasus and the new age as well as the big question: What do I tell my children about what’s coming?


QuestionIsn’t the so-called “era of peace” nothing other than the heresy called “millenarianism” condemned by the Church?

What the Church has condemned is not the possibility of an “era of peace,” but the false interpretation of what it could be.

As I have written here on several occasions, the Church Fathers such as St. Justin Martyr, St. Irenaeus of Lyons, St. Augustine and others have written about such a period based on Rev 20:2-4, Heb 4:9 and the Old Testament prophets who refer to a universal period of peace within history.

The heresy of “millenarianism” is the false belief that Jesus will descend to earth in the flesh and reign as a global king with His saints for a literal one thousand years before the conclusion of history.

Various offshoots of this heretical and excessively literal interpretation of Revelation 20 also manifested itself in the early Church, e.g. “carnal millenarianism”, the added Jewish-Christian error of carnal pleasures and excesses as part of the thousand year reign; and “mitigated or spiritual millenarianism”, which in general retained the literal thousand year reign of Christ visibly in the flesh, but rejected the aspect of immoderate carnal pleasures.

Any form of belief that Jesus Christ will return in His resurrected body to the earth and rule visibly on earth for a literal one thousand years (millenarianism) has been condemned by the Church and must be categorically rejected. This anathema does not include, however, the strong Patristic belief held by many Church Fathers and Doctors of a “spiritual”, “temporal”, “second” (but not final) or “middle” coming of Christ to take place before the end of the world. —source:; nb. this is an excellent summary of the various forms of this heresy.

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