The End of the Road

How is an editor to know what might or might not offend the sensibilities of any identifiable group? Any controversial statements about any religion or race are potentially subject to sanction if anybody finds them offensive. Writing about Chinese treatment of Tibetans or Tiananmen Square may offend some Chinese.

Writing about the Armenian genocide may offend some Turkish. Writing about the Holocaust may offend some Germans. Earlier this month al-Qaeda took credit for the bombing of a Danish Embassy in Pakistan.

Ridiculous as it may sound, there would be nothing stop the B.C. HR Tribunal from entertaining a complaint from an al-Qaeda supporter in respect of an editorial condemning al-Qaeda for the bombing. (Source)

That last one doesn’t sound ridiculous to me. In fact, it’s quite inevitable if you think about it. We sure know no liberal will stand in al-Quaeda’s way. In fact, no liberal will stand in the way of anything that requires a bit of self-sacrifice.  Take any issue you want. Where the personal sacrifice is to be had, there’s no liberal for 100 miles.  When you’re entitled to your entitlements and there’s no one left to entitle you, the end of the road is near. 

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