4 thoughts on “The Economics of Sex

  1. Brilliant! This confirms the utter failure of feminism.

    The key takeaway for decent women who want to find a good man is to resist the temptation of competing with other women by making yourself more sexy and instead be picky and strict with the men you date.

  2. I know this is a popular story in Catholic circles, but it is not clear that any part of it is true.

    Pregnancy and fertility rates have been dropping for 200 years. Contraception doesn’t drive this as much as dropping infant mortality rates do. Marriage rates vary according to economic situation – see this chart, for instance:

    The late 1940s and 50s saw a marriage boom because the US was economically booming. We have been in a period of uninterrupted significant economic decline since 1980.

  3. Hi Steve,

    I understand your point. However, the crux of the video isn’t about the declining birth rate. It’s more about the motives for engaging in sex and the consequences this is having on women and men. The video makes some excellent points and is consistent with complaints we hear from women about “where have all the good men gone”.

  4. Seems the video dramatically drives in the direction of a feminist interpretation that women are nothing but victims of men gone wrong. What about the common desire of women to delay marriage and have numerous romantic experiences before perhaps marrying easily (in the feminist mindset) after educational/career goals are well in hand around age 30?? “Where have all the good men gone” is such a one-sided feminist cliche that you’d think they would have had some shame in re-inforcing it!! A truer understanding the new and serious problems of male-female relationships in the second and now third waves of feminist, post-pill societies takes more than just a feminist-lite comic strip. Although, it is amazing how they wrapped in so much anti-male attitude into the interpretation is such a short space — virtually no deep relationship through sexuality, laziness, manipulation, etc. Such an uplifting, balanced vision to help us move forward!!!

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