The Dominoes are falling….


Still more good news to report on the Canadian Development and Peace front as Vancouver Archbishop Miller, while not yet announcing his decision on the matter, has said he “strongly supports” the actions of Toronto Archbishop Collins.

As we reported with great relief on Thursday, the release by Archbishop Collins reflected what we consider to be a wise and responsible diocesan solution to the Development and Peace scandal. And, as we hoped that many other Canadian bishops would imitate his thoughtful response, Archbishop Miller has begun that movement.

Archbishop Collins restricted the funds given to D&P and also said that future funding to the organization is dependent on a “profound renewal” of the organization. See that coverage. In other words, he has given significant credibility to our numerous reports on D&P.

We have put hundreds of hours of often exhausting effort leading the investigation and reporting on this issue. Thankfully, it appears substantial good will finally result from the efforts by ourselves, our many collaborators in various countries…who followed up and also took part in the investigations in order to bring about much needed change. It is by no means over yet, but we seem to be getting there.

We’re expecting an announcement from the Vancouver archdiocese in the coming days. (Source)


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