The Dominion Party of Canada

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Just doing a little musing here. If Socon Conservatives and Liberals banded together to break out of the Old parties with their old ideas and their old support for Trudeau’s social engineering, what would happen?

Suppose further if we could form a coalition with certain old reformers and certain fiscal conservatives who were sympathetic to the Canadian family and the dignity of every human person, is it possible that we could pull the Conservative Party to the right?

We don’t have to settle, you know. We can make a difference. Even if the Party did not advance much in the early years, it would have an effect of shifting the political landscape in Canada to the right.

The Liberals have the NDP and Bloc to their left and they keep pulling us into the pit with every successive piece of radical social legislation. That’s three parties on the extreme Left and no party on the Right. In a tug of war, you need two ends of the political spectrum to keep some balance. Right now, the CPC is being dragged over the cliff because they don’t have the masculinity to pull back. They’re a bunch of morally-castrated politicians. They simply go along with a little jerk here or there, but they don’t offer any real resistance. In some cases (like abortion), they actually make the Left (the Liberals) look Right (by not allowing socons to advance modest abortion changes).

So it only makes sense that we need a credible alternative on the Right which will address not only social issues which have a profound impact on the culture and even the economy, but will seek to provide innovative policies on other issues with the foundation built on the Canadian family. In other words, all policies will be undgirded by the principle of sustaining and nurturing the Canadian family. By doing so, all other segments of society will also benefit immeasurably (i.e. less crime, productive workforce, more tax revenue, etc.)

Since there will be a relatively gradual increase in support across the country in the years to come, there will be no real threat of vote splitting as our numbers will be too small in the early years. However, as the country keeps falling into social chaos, people will look to find a political solution that the existing parties refuse to provide. That’s where the Dominion Party of Canada could come in. If the ruling party wants to stay in power, they would be forced to adopt our policies or perish.

We need to offer a viable alternative on the right just like Alberta and the place that the Alberta Alliance Party is playing there.

We need that kind of thing on a national level.

What say ye?

2 thoughts on “The Dominion Party of Canada

  1. Social Conservatism sucks. I’m all for low taxes and personal responsibility, but I’d rather see the NDP win than any kind of social conservative party.

  2. Social Conservatism is the only option for a country’s long term future. I am sorry you cannot appreciate the fact that a State is only as stable as the families in it.

    The fact that you would rather see the NDP win than vote for a party which espouses Social Conservatism indicates to me that you have some major congruency issues with personal responsibility.

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