The Distress of Burke

High ranking ecclesiastics are typically reserved people. It is not often that they speak with emotion or allow themselves to appear distraught.  Yet what I see here is a cleric who is profoundly distraught and at a loss for words at the implications of the Kasperite doctrine. His face…his voice…his choice of words…his body language…they all convey a sense of intense sadness at the betrayal he fears is unfolding before him. The man who as head of the Apostolic Signatura was the chief legal expert in the Catholic Church – whose very job was to sort out the definitions of things and the meanings of words – has no words to describe what is happening. The sadness in his eyes tells of his grief. Ultimately all he can do is plead that it stop and express that he does not know how he would be able to “digest” what could happen otherwise.  Dear Cardinal Burke, your expressions and emotions expressed in this short clip so perfectly sum up the experience of millions of suffering Catholics, who like you, don’t know how we will be able to digest the things we see unfold before us.  Let us pray fervently for our dear, disgraced Cardinal. (Source)

You know, we’ve been focusing on the whole area of bringing the wayward into the Church…mostly through scandalous means.  But for some reason, scant attention has been paid to honouring and valuing heroic virtue within marriage with those couples who abide by the Church’s teachings.  Where is the recognition for them, and more importantly, just how is Rome going to reconcile dumbed-down marriage with this heroic witness?  Is it one rule for the adulterers and another one for the rest us?  Who came up with that calculus?  It sounds like Common Core applied to dogma.

This is simply madness personified.


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  1. Now, now, Steve. He just didn’t see the great progress Henry was making in moving towards realizing Catherine’s head is better on her neck.

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