The Dirtly Little Secret of Contraception Gets Outted in Confession

…Fr. Melvin Castro, executive secretary of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, said that he and other priests, talking about what they hear in confessions,  have noticed a “general trend” of young Catholics seeking forgiveness through confession for using artificial contraceptives… (Source)

God can bring good out of disasters.  Let me tell you something, folks, even though the Philippines passed that RH Bill into law, the Church stayed firm, and as a result the battle has not been lost even though legally it seems to be. That, of course, doesn’t matter in the long run.  The Church was faithful and God will honour their fidelity in the fight there.

In Canada, it’s a completely different story, as we are all fully aware.   No bishop and few priests have the guts to even mention it here…and certainly not on a consistent basis.

Fraudulent Social Justice is like a 24/7 news channel.  The sin that cries out to heaven?  That gets a pass.

2 thoughts on “The Dirtly Little Secret of Contraception Gets Outted in Confession

  1. All is npot lost indeed when the people at least acknowledge it is wrong and seek to repent of it.

    Because of the cowards who signed the Winnipeg Statement and those who affirm it today, no Canadian would even THINK about confessing something the national church doesn’t even consider a sin.

    Those US sock puppet politicians can be replaced in the Philippines by people who can still repeal the odious RH Bill. And because the church stood and continues to stand strong, the odds are fair to Midland that those politicians will be ousted.

    Especially If Pope Francis starts reading the riot act on contraceptives.

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