The Devil’s Bluff

As the Muslim thugs continue to rampage across Iraq and the Middle East and follow their demon god into the ever-lasting pit of hell fire, I am starting to wonder about just how ferociously evil and unbalanced this whole tragedy is.  As Christian women are sold into sex slavery, our children are beheaded for Jihad, and our brothers are crucified,  I’m starting to think that the Devil is overplaying his hand and he’s working overtime to ensure something does not happen. This open barbarism simply makes no sense.  Of course, we all know it makes no sense. It never does.  However, I am speaking from a spiritual and tactical perspective.  Something is way out of whack here. I can smell it. I smell desperation. I smell fury. I smell fear.  And I am not talking about our brothers and sisters who are being massacred.  I am talking about Hell itself. Check this story out:  Slowly the Egyptian Copts rise up Remember Egypt and how the Copts were being massacred in 2011 and Barry Obama was supporting the Muslim Brotherhood?  And remember how the Egyptians rose up (and not with just folded hands to heaven I might add) but with guns and grit and overthrew the Islamists to restore a little bit of sanity?  That was a miracle.  I remember protesting on Parliament Hill about that with my family.  And I remember thinking to myself, “What good is this going to do?  Our prayers and show of support never amount to anything.  We just keep getting the jackboot.”  Well, I was wrong.  That’s not how it always turns out. By an intervention of God, the Copts were saved.  But not only that!  Check this interesting part out (h/t Fr. Paul Nicholson):

Organisations close to Christians of the East, and to Copts themselves, speak about a rise in the number of conversions to Christianity. The figure is hard to determine as those who convert may face judiciary follow-ups or deaths if their conversion is revealed in broad day. An underground church is being shaped, not in collision with the government as the case might be in China or in other Asian countries, but to protect themselves from retaliatory acts by the new Christians’ original community. “It is not the political power which oppresses us, according to an Egyptian neophyte, but directly the kins. If a Moslem is converted, his family and neighbours may beat him, or even kill him, for this amounts to treason”” However, these hardships do not reveal the beauty of the reality : in times of persecutions, that means when a conversion seems very unlikely, the most dangerous, the message of Christ is heard. This is what Christians hold to, for they remain concerned and encouraged to raise their Church, which is about to crumble, to raise it for ever.

What if?  What if the devil was bluffing and he was pulling his last card and the Middle East was not going to be emptied of Christians, but rather was going to be the place of a massive conversion? What if enough Muslims saw enough of Islam in ISIS to recognize that something was terribly wrong in their religion, and that Jesus was indeed the way, the truth, and the Life? What if we called the Devil’s bluff, kept up our prayers (“Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition, brother!”), and good things happened in Iraq when all seemed lost?!?  What if! We can avert a disaster and turn it into a mighty victory! We ain’t gonna let the thugs win. No way.

3 thoughts on “The Devil’s Bluff

  1. Adolf Hitler let his views to be known in Mein Kampf, Charles Darwin in The Descent Of Man And Selection In Relation To Sex, John Dewey in A Common Faith, James Rachels in Created From Animals,and Muhammad in The Koran. Muhammad’s followers are doing exactly as their leader instructed. This comes as a surprise to our Secular Politically Correct indoctrinated Western Civilization.

  2. Yes we must proactively and with faith pray for those Muslims who have the courage to abandon Islam. Support those Muslims who have even gone public with their rejection of Islam, compel our politicians to abandon the jaded lies and delusions about the so called religion of peace. I taught young Muslims in the middle east. I loved them. Yes there are good muslims but they are trapped in a totalitarian hell. Our naive immigration policies must be overhauled.

  3. If we don’t politically unite to protect our fellows from genocide in Islam,then our fate may eventually be similar in Secular Pagan Canada,where Christians are shunned from practicing numerous professions, if they hold tightly to their faith.A kind of Jizya or infidel tax here,where Christians are humiliated and name called,by legalized so-called human right. A reminder to those who remember how after quiet prayer in Chapel at Good Shepherd,Professor Tom Landers and friends rallied Canadian citizens and parents to pressure elected MP’s to change rotten Parliamentary Legislation, and Supreme Court Of Canada Law of 2005,that allowed consenting Canadian 14 year old’s to be legally sexually trafficked and exploited by sexual predators,and pedophiles ,as legalized so-called human rights. This hard work in spite of the popular media’s etc., ridicule paid off in 2008, when Canadian Parliamentarians listened to the now informed Canadians,and raised the age of Canadian sex consent. With prayer motivated political action it is possible to put an end to this Islamic Christian holocaust.

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