“Social Justice” is Not Catholic

This is an absolutely fabulous article by Georges Buscemi of Campaign Vie.

It’s rather long, but I strongly encourage everyone who has been following the D&P soap opera to read it carefully.  It’s a thorough critique from Catholic moral principles on how the current development and aid approach by Development & Peace is completely at odds with Catholic moral teaching.

And that opposition to Catholic moral teaching and its application also sticks to the Canadian bishops who keep supporting that pseudo Catholic organization. 

There are two kinds of Canadian bishops involved in this scandal:

Group 1 – Those who demote Humanae Vitae to a minor Church teaching and refuse to apply it in their pastoral decisions, courtesy of the moral and pastoral legacy of that damn Winnipeg Statement.

Group 2 – Those who don’t have the courage to remove themselves from the yoke of the CCCB’s infernal social justice committees and pseudo Catholic development agencies (D&P is not the only problem area), ceding their authority given to them by Christ instead to the nebulous Church borg which makes critical decisions for them – decisions which ultimately lead to the dismemberment of unborn children and attacks on the Church in the Global South.


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