The Demographic Disaster: It’s because of the pill and rubbers

Here is a Youtube video called Muslim Demographics that is making the rounds.

Many of you have probably already seen it.  A lady who usually sends me light and funny things sent this and asked what I thought of it?  Wrong person to ask.  My somewhat modified response is below.  It is not helpful or hopeful, so maybe is not worth reading.

To the best of my knowledge the statistics are accurate.  Europe as we know it is dead.  North America is rapidly changing. Europe’s troubles with its Muslim populations have only just begun.  Already French, Dutch and Scandinavian prisons are mostly filled with Muslim criminals. Seventy percent of all convicted rapists in France and Sweden are Muslims.  Most major cities have growing Muslim neighbourhoods where Western law and practices hardly apply.  Long before Muslims become 50% of the European population Islamic political and revolutionary movements will become common, as may riots, and they will have effective control of whole cities and regions.  Many secular Europeans will simply convert to Islam to save their hides, EU leaders will play the “useful idiots” and make suicidal political concessions to Muslims (as they have already begun to do), other people will seek to immigrate, others might try to fight back through nationalistic political movements while many will fall into apathy, some may return to their Christian roots.  But they will not have more children and so they will fail.  The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, pure and simple. 

We did it to ourselves when the Western world rejected its Christian faith and heritage and embraced secularism and contraception.  Secularism began with the division of Western Christendom after the Reformation – with its religious wars and weakening of the influence of the Catholic Church – and with the so-called Enlightenment.  By the late 18th century secularism already dominated European intellectual and political life. The Catholic Church alone stood against the contraceptive revolution of the 1960s but even she did it weakly and could not contain its forces even within her own fold.  The Protestant and Orthodox churches immediately caved in and made a virtue out of a vice.   

Most baby-boomers bury their heads in the sand and simply want the world as they know it to last till they die.  As for their children…well, the warehousing of their kids (daycare), the social acceptance of divorce, illegitimacy, cohabitation, of gay adoption, and a willingness to allow huge government indebtedness in order to shore up their own lifestyle, all show a seriously flawed attitude to the well-being of their children and their children’s future.  They love their kids, but not enough.  Not enough to make the needed personal sacrifices that would have ensured a better future – or at least continuity with the past.  The baby-boomers (my generation) have lived for themselves and for the day, and squandered tomorrow.  Fourteen hundred years of Western civilization have come to an abrupt end and we largely did it.  The ground work existed before us but we embraced the project and brought it to completion.  Secular paganism and hedonism have already usurped the place of Christianity.  Secular culture will soon be usurped by some form of Islamic culture.  We are talking decades not centuries. In all this Christians are unfortunately stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I cannot say if North America is in a different situation than Europe or just on a different timeline. 

One of the most telling things about this video is not the video itself.  It is the fact that after over 3 1/2 million viewings not a single person has left a comment.  Not even the vulgar jerks who love to leave crude remarks on Youtube.  That is because what it presents is just too real and too frightening.  So everyone quickly closes the window and goes back to their usual distractions: the fashionable “interests” or important “issues” of the day: The swine flu pandemic, global warming, President Obama’s administration, the recession, the latest episode of American Idol, etc.  They focus on their careers, family activities, sex lives, weekend entertainments, holidays, whatever.  The real situation of the future they ignore.  Ignore at least until it knocks at their door. 

As I said, the smuggly superior and self-righteous baby-boomers hope to be gone by the time this plays out.  God help their children and grandchildren.  God forgive us all.

– Fr. Elijah

5 thoughts on “The Demographic Disaster: It’s because of the pill and rubbers

  1. Thanks Fr. Elijah

    I passed along the video and your commentary to everyone in my email address book.

    I urge everyone to do the same.

  2. maybe we shouldn’t worry so much…what Hollywood has dictated to the Christian youth of yesteryear may also put a stranglehold on Muslim children so they too will abandon virtues of self-sacrifice etc. in favor of hedonism and watch as their fertility rate plummets.

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