The death of Development & Peace or a rebirth?

MONTREAL, November 28, 2012 ( – The mainstream media in Quebec is reporting that the development arm of the Canadian Bishops Conference, Development & Peace, is in crisis, possibly even on the brink of collapse.  The loss of five million dollars in funding from the Canadian Government and the insistence by various bishops that the group take care to partner with groups that respect the right to life, have led to resignations of some long-time D&P leaders and talk of the organization’s demise.

An article in the left-leaning Quebec daily Le Devoir Monday described D&P as being “in agony” or it’s final death throes.  D&P, said the paper, is “under pressure from pro-life bishops and lack of adequate federal funding.”  The paper reported that “most of the staff have left.”…(Source)

I wish that I could say that I am disappointed and sad about this.  In a certain sense I am.  Lots of mislead people. Bad catechesis over the past 50 years and the rooster is coming home to roost.

Another part of me says:  Right on!  The socialist experiment in a fraudulent form of social justice has long plagued the Church.  And it’s finally coming to an end.

Thanks be to God.

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