The De-Normalization of Abortion and Abortionists Continues At Warp Speed Thanks to Kermit

Every so often in such a serious matter as the Kermit Gosnell murder trial, a little levity take place.

As local Philadelphia-based reporter J.D. Mullane reports today, Gosnell demanded that uniformed officers address him as “Doctor.” They refused.

There’s no background on whether the exchange took place — whether it was in the courtroom, in his jail cell or during one of the times he was taken to or from the courtroom during the trial. (Source)

This might be a little levity, but it’s far, far from light in its significance.  Kermit is now the poster boy for all Abortionists.  The Pro-Life Movement is going to take that brush and spread it far and wide among the industry and its practitioners.  The fact that these officers refuse to call him “doctor” is just another stake in the heart of abortion in this country — not so much on the demand side of this perverse industry but on the supply side.

Who would go into this “profession” knowing that an increasing number of people consider such practitioners scum of the earth and beneath contempt?

If you were a betting man or woman, and you saw the trajectory of where abortion is going, why would you even consider going into it?

You’d have to be mental, and pretty stupid too.

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