Into the Cyber Catacombs

I was going to send some $ to my local CPC riding association, but I think that they will be more useful to Kate, Kathy, Ezra and Marc. (From a comment on Small Dead Animals)

The Einsteins at CPC Headquarters haven’t figured this out yet, but the attack on Free Speech is not simply an issue for the “little people”.  They can only tell us to eat cake for so long before we spit it back in their faces.

If you’re too busy defending libel chill lawsuits from the Left or supporting those who are, there’s really not much left over to give to the pseudos in the CPC. 

Politicians listen to opinion polls and money.  We’ve been hitting the first. Now it’s time to hit the second.


You have to die before you can live. There is no point in having a Eunuch in power. If that means we have to go through hell with another Liberal majority to resurrect true conservatism in this country, let’s take our medicine and be done with it!

As a side note, I am simply amazed at how stupid the Left is on this issue — as if this side of the aisle is going to keep taking this crap without launching our own salvos.

At the end of the day, nothing will be accomplished. No human rights will be defended. No hearts will be changed.

And we’ll all be poorer — except the lawyers.

If Richard Warman wins his suits, Canada will be a very different country from that point forward.  It already is, but there will be an air of certainty and finality to it if the FreeSpeechers lose.  It’s really that simple.  Who would dare criticize anyone like Richard Warman again?  He’ll be like a defacto King — and not a very benevolent one either where free speech is concerned.  “King Richard of Kanada”.  It has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it?  In the future, I wonder if the Prime Minister will have to ask him to dissolve Parliament for an “election” instead of Michaëlle Jean?  Not that it matters much, of course. The Prime Minister and his Minister of Justice are defacto figureheads right now anyway.  The people who run this country in the area that matters most to its survival sit around the Star Chamber each night, devising new spying techniques and conspiring to rip off the next private citizen’s  Internet connection.  After all, the operations have to have the air of due process (sort of, anyhow) when they pick off the next conservative schmuck who dares open his mouth to speak unstarchamber thoughts.

If Warman wins, the conservative blogosphere as we know it will be thrown underground, living through closed discussion boards and maybe even private, very small e-mail lists so we don’t disturb the serenity of the champagne socialists or encroach on the approved opinions of the government approved bloggers.  I’m sure it will be very efficient too with cyber permits being issued to State-backed blogs.

As for us in the conservative blogosphere, we’ll move into the “Cyber Catacombs” — always on the run from the government’s jadewarrior spies and their collaborators on the Left.

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