The Cult of the Magic Circle

…It’s all monotone in the Magic Circle, there’s an all-pervading drone and, peculiarly, things are too pleasant, akin to that disconcerting sense you get when meeting some cult member for the first time. Something’s not right. This applies to television appearances as well, particularly with “current affairs” type programming at Salt+Light TV. Same faces, same themes, same uncritical subject matter most of the time. Dialogue, not debate. World Youth Day Toronto 2002 FOREVER!, not why most Catholics don’t go to Mass anymore. The glory of stained glassed windows, not rampant liturgical abuses. Compassion, not reasoned assessment of epidemic corruption in the Church. The ease of social justice, not the discomfort of morality. Positivity, not negativity. Translation: put on a happy face as we rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. When controversy does jut above the norm and cannot be ignored, interrupting this atmosphere of feigned serenity, you can be confident that luminaries will make an appearance. As if the stars are constantly in perfect configuration, the moon is in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligns with Mars, like fate, like the deterministic laws of nature, since Vatican II, Gregory Baum and Remi De Roo burst out of the blue, like a Jack-in-the-Box. In magazine articles, at conferences, interviews, downstairs in the parish hall, as signatories for letters of protest… these two gallivanting geezers are at the ready to denounce and vandalize Catholic tradition. Please, gentlemen, if you’re not fond of what the Catholic Church teaches, then pack up your Marxist libraries and do-it-yourself Enneagram kits and buzz off….(Source)

TH2 is in fine, witty form once again. Long but worth every word.   It’s amazing how the Faith will survive in this country, but it will despite all the machinations of the Magic Circle.

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