The CPC Scores A Goal!

Well, not quite.  Let’s give them a half-point for this cautious support for Martin’s motion:

I believe there is still a very important role to be played by human rights commissions. There are, however, areas where reform may be required; specifically the willingness of commissions to consider questions relating to freedom of speech. I am worried that by censoring one kind of expression, it will be easier to start censoring others.

I feel it may be appropriate at this time for the Minister of Justice to undertake a broad review of the Canadian Human Rights Act including those sections of the Act dealing with the Human Rights Commission. A fundamental review by Parliament is needed to ensure that the commission remains true to the intentions of Parliamentarians.

I can assure you that when this motion comes before the House of Commons for debate, I will follow it closely and will arrive at a position at that time after careful considering on the arguments for and against its implementation.

Thank you again for writing to me and expressing your views on this important matter.

Sincerely yours,

Nina Grewal
Member of Parliament
Fleetwood-Port Kells


So, that makes it 2 – 0.5 in favour of the Liberals. Only 152.5 to go.

Here’s the CHRC score sheet to date:

Liberals – 2

Martin (6:05 -1st period, McTeague 8:39 – 1st period)

Conservatives -0.5

Grewal (0:26 – 2nd period – goal under review)

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