The Courage to Be Catholic

When the rest of the world and most of the professional Catholics are making excuses why they keep funding pro-aborts and contraception-pushers, stand for Jesus and the Church and refuse to give the Nazi salute.

In the light of eternity, God really doesn’t care that you are in the minority when the majority is going to hell in a handbasket.

3 thoughts on “The Courage to Be Catholic

  1. Don’t you know what the official Western Worldview and State Religion of Secularism has legalized, and then normalized to Canadian and Western schoolchildren, as a legalized so-called human right,and social justice? Before 1962 the Lord’s Prayer was constitutional in Western schools,but now The Official State Religion of Secularism insures Abortion, and Kinsey Sex Education including morbid homosexuality perversion is normalized. In a democracy politics reflects the will of the voting citizens. God will hold the democratic voting citizens accountable, for the political evil Bills they allow to pass and become laws, and then normalized as human rights to Kindergarteners.
    This is the reason Twitter’s think Abortion, Sodomy and Kinsey Sex Education are normal behaviors. They are not taught to look at the Centers For Disease Control data to know for sure the facts concerning the health risks of normalizing homosexual behavior etc., as a legalized human rights to everyone beginning with the indoctrination of impressionable Kindergarteners. Democratic Canadian voting citizens, think of how the Nazi’s indoctrinated impressionable children in their schools by Government,and Supreme Court decree. These are Adolf Hitlers words inscribed over a gas oven in Auschwitz,” I want to raise a generation of young people devoid of a conscience, imperious, relentless and cruel.” Adolf’s point was that the destruction of the weak is a good thing for the survival of the strong and nature intended it that way. Dr.Alfred Kinsey’s thesis, ” Outlet Sex”, places all sexual acts on the same moral, social, and biological level whether in or out of marriage, between two people of the same or opposite sex, or sex involving children or animals.Dr.Kinsey claimed that secular science found no value in traditional sexual morality. Dr.Alfred Kinsey’s conclusion provides the secular scientific morality for Kinsey Sex Education taught as a so-called legalized human right to innocent impressionable Kindergarteners to University grads.

    Secularism is not neutral as it dishonestly claims to be, but legalizes, and then imposes it’s morality on schoolchildren, as a human right. Thus changing the Character of Western Civilization starting with Kindergartners. Dr.James Rachels the university textbook writer say’s he is not irreligious ,as his worldview and religion is Secularism.

    Now the acceptance of legalized Abortion, Sodomy and Homosexual Marriage is normalized, by adult schoolteacher’s, and their homosexual activist friends to innocent, impressionable Western schoolchildren, as a legalized so-called human right.

    Clubs are legally formed by adult teachers, and their homosexual activist friends, to recruit schoolchildren. Their argument being some Kindergarteners may be born homosexual naturally, therefore the rest will be nurtured and recruited in schools to accept Dr.Kinsey’s Sex Education which includes homosexuality as normal behavior.

    What do you call a democratic society that elects politicians with policies such as these, who Pass unhealthy Bills into Western Laws? Now the Majority of indoctrinated Twitters believe Abortion, Sodomy and Kinsey Sex Education just other healthy normal alternative behaviors. Only a vigilant righteous democratic voting public can change this. Apathetic and indifferent democratic citizens insure elected tyranny, and morbid indoctrination of innocent impressionable schoolchildren stating with Kindergarteners continues. Tom and Molly Landers came out of prayer and united Canadian citizens to change rotten Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada Law of 2005, which made Canada a legal destination for Sex trafficking predators and pedophiles,as a legalized so-called human right. Enough POLITICAL pressure was put on elected MP’s, that a Bill was passed into LAW in Parliament to raise the age of sex consent by 2008. This is the power of prayer that is acted on. These educators protected innocent children from the diabolical Acts of Democratic Parliament, The Canadian Supreme Court, by proving to the apathetic and indifferent voting citizens what can be done in JESUS name after prayer.

  2. Blessings ,Luis. Many of us run for office to change rotten parliamentary, and supreme court laws to protect Canadian youth from being morbidly indoctrinated, and exploited. Why are the majority of the ones calling themselves Christians voting for and electing anti-Christs after Mass? I like talking with them, clergy etc.,to find out what they are thinking, and how they differ from Secular’s. We have to keep praying for them and hope they will join us.

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