The Counter Quiet Revolution

OTTAWA (CP) – Bloc Quebecois MP Louise Thibault announced Thursday she is quitting the sovereigntist party, saying she felt her views were not respected by leader Gilles Duceppe.

“I’m disappointed by the intransigent and closed attitude of the leader towards me, and by the realization that my opinions have less credibility and importance than those of his inner circle,” Thibault said in a statement.

Thibault specifically cited last year’s vote on same-sex marriage as a sore point between her and Duceppe. Duceppe threatened Bloc MPs with sanctions if they did not vote against reopening debate on the issue.


Ya mean the left can be intolerant? “Intransigent”. Say it is isn’t so Louise! How could you! 🙂

In my previous post, I alluded to a resurgence of social conservatism in Canada. This little article makes me want to let the cat out of the bag to roam around a bit.

The fact is, folks, that Canada is in the beginnings of a Counter Quiet Revolution, and that revolution is being quietly, albeit modestly, spearheaded in and by Quebec. Yes, I know, we were all pinning our hopes on the red necks from Alberta, but I think God has a sense of humour and a sharp sense of irony. Mark my words, Canada is going to turn around because of Quebec. It’s early, I know, but the beginnings of the end of sexual utopia have begun in earnest in La Belle Province. Quebec consigned Canada to the gutter back in the 60s and she is about to resurrect her once again.

Why is that going to happen?

This is why. Outside of Quebec, there is no “Canadian culture” to speak of. There is no one overriding culture which is predominant. We are mish-mash of cultures with varying “community values”. There is no such thing, despite liberal yappings to the contrary, as “Canadian values” because there is no real Canadian identity outside of Quebec. The English have long since vanished from the Canadian DNA (look at what is happening in Britain – a whole anglo-saxon culture is being decimiated by the condom and massive immigration). Only French Canadians have been able to preserve their culture to some significant extent. And, if we peel back this onion, if we are speaking in terms of culture and heritage, the only thing really left of Canada is Quebec, historically speaking! In other words, Quebec cannot leave Canada because Quebec is Canada.

Now then, in the near future – in fact they are in the midst of it now – the QuĂ©bĂ©cois will have to make a decision. They will have to choose between

1) the fruit of their disastrous Quiet Revolution; that is, the sexual anarchy which has since infected their culture and the rest of the country


2) their existence as a culture and a people.

That is their choice. What they are beginning to realize is that without supporting the traditional family and suppressing deviant sexual practices (i.e. contraceptive sex – hetero or homo), they
have no future. And they will have to decide which road they are going to go down because the State cannot have two public policies which are in diametric opposition to one another.

So, for the Québécois, the choice is becoming increasingly apparent: their culture and survival as a people or the perpetuation of the sexual revolution.

I believe they will choose the former, and ironically, save not only their own Culture but the Canadian State as well.

Vive le Québec.

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