The Confused Cardinal Kasper

“My question – not a solution, but a question – is this: Is absolution not possible in this case? And if absolution, then also Holy Communion?

He asserted that “there are many themes, many arguments in our Catholic tradition that could allow this way forward.”

It was at this point that the cardinal stated that the average Christian is not meant for heroism.

Saying that for divorced and remarried persons to live and brother and sister is heroic, he added that “people must do what is possible in their situation.” (Source)


To answer your question, your Eminence, let me offer these remarks:

1.  No. A divorced and “remarried Catholic” cannot be absolved in their sin until they turn away from the relationship they are in and renounce it.  It would be tantamount to an imposter insisting that absolution be granted to him, but he still refuses to renounce his deceitful ways and believes it is a legitimate way of life.  This concerns basic moral theology and logic, but sadly today among the Princes of the Church, all that glitters is apparently not gold.  Where precisely did these theologians go to school?

2. The remarks about heroism say more about what the Cardinal believes about his own ministry more than it does about what a Catholic is called to.

3.  Cardinal Kasper appears to accept “situational ethics” – a basic moral error expounded by the great heretics of bygone centuries.

One thought on “The Confused Cardinal Kasper

  1. Says who that it’s okay if someone remarries but then lives as “brother and sister”? That’s a strange contradiction in terms. “Remarried” vs. brother and sister. Who gets married civilly if they don’t entertain romantic and even erotic feelings for each other? That in itself, even in the absence of intercourse, is enough to constitute adultery.
    This is so messed up.

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