The Coming New World Order

Calgary brothers the latest Canadians identified as fighting for ISIS

So, it’s becoming clearer and clearer, as the weeks and months roll on here, that the Global Jihad has by-passed the old national alignment to fighting wars.  Islamicists pledge no allegiance to any country or State, except the Caliphate.  They are emigrating from every country on the Globe to get down with the Jihad and kill Christians and anyone else who stands in their way.

What is the West’s response to this?  It has been weak and ineffectual and there are no signs that things are going to change in any measurable way.  So while the Islamicists are steam-rolling through the Middle East and coming to America soon after thy start the “J” in Europe where their tactics have strong support from the Muslim communities there, the Christian populations are going to be decimated.

The question then becomes:  what are Catholics going to do about this?  If Islam’s allegiance is supra-national and they ignore the conventional allegiance to the State, then how can we possibly fight an organization like this?  The Secular State does not even concede that this is a religious war, so they will not come to our assistance.

Is it time for the Pope to call for a new Crusade?  Maybe not yet, but if things keep going with Barry O and the rest of the Neville Chamberlains of our world doing nothing, the time is coming where allegiance to our Faith comes before the allegiance to a lame duck democracy.

Absolute allegiance to the modern democratic state is not part of Catholic doctrine, but defending our brothers and sisters is.

If we have to ditch a democracy controlled by wicked and cowardly men, then we ditch it and go back to Monarchial rule.

The Catholic Church has never renounced the divine right of kings, and perhaps it’s a good thing to remember that.

Note to all of the secularists out there: if you cannot defend the right of Catholics to exist and worship, we have no reason to support the modern state.

One thought on “The Coming New World Order

  1. As you know John,the majority of the Nicolaitans who call themselves Catholics and Christians, and sit beside us during Mass Politically vote for Secular Pagan Politicians!These Politicians pass Bills into Politically Correct Secular Law in our Legislatures, and Parliament which pervert Canadian SchoolChildren,and thus society. This is occurring throughout Western Civilization. Western schoolchildren are converted to Secular Pagan morality by adult indoctrination in schools,as legalized Secular human rights. In western democracies if voters want to shed Christianity for Secular Paganism,they get what they ask for. We are living in the secular democratic nightmare years,brought on by Western political apathy and indifference.Will Western voters finally listen to reason?Let us pray without ceasing and hope so.

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