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“I think Canada is ready for this kind of discussion, to start looking at the limits of religious freedom,” she said. “When certain religious beliefs call for the suppression of human rights, that’s when we have a problem. We currently have that problem in Catholic schools here in Ontario, as well as Alberta and Saskatchewan. Even in British Columbia, which has private Catholic schools. We will have to address all private religious schools as well, eventually.”

The thing about evil is that unless you are attacking it, it’s rolling over you.

There is a reason the Catholic Church was once known as the Church Militant.  She clearly understood that we were in a war.  Now our generals are homosexuals…or a good as, and sexual Aggiornamento ushered in by contraception is producing its poisonous fruit.

If any of you are looking for a victory, don’t hope too much. It’s not coming in our life times.  Let me ask you all something.  Is there anything you really trust the bishops about?  Certainly not anything to do with education….or related to that, protecting our children.  How about “social justice”?  And what about their recent pro-life push?  Isn’t that good enough?  Er…not really.  It’s just on paper.  There’s no rub to it. No sacrifice on their part. It’s a program that will go no where in the parishes.  How about liturgy or even doctrine?  Even if they get anything right, they’ve become the leaders of a CITO Church.

CITO = Catholic in Theory Only.  They talk a good line, but when they huff and puff and draw that line in the sand, the Homosexualists just laugh and walk over it, knowing that the bishops won’t do a damn thing about it.  They don’t have the guts (probably because of the lavendar mafia who are beholden to some embarassing facts) and everyone knows it. 

Tell me, friends, in a war, how would your opponent react when he knows you don’t have any balls?  It’s not hard to figure it out, is it?

The CITO Church is a lot like contraception:  all of the fun without the sacrifice.  Hey…come to think of it….that explains much.  The CITO bishops are legally bishops, like contracepting Catholics are legally Catholic.

So what do we do?  Nothing. There’s no where to turn. There’s no quick fix to this. But there are consequences which we can no longer deny.

A week or so ago I was at a Confirmation for one of my daughter’s friends.  The bishop of that diocese was there. I couldn’t stomach shaking his hand afterwards at the reception, so I ignored him.  What would we talk about?  The weather?  What a really splendid job he’s doing on the Social Justice and Education Committees?  Maybe I’m being “self-righteous”.  Or maybe I’ve just had it and need to be honest with myself.

Something has to give soon. We cannot keep going on like this.  We can’t keep pretending that it’s business as usual.  Sooner or later, somebody has to bring this boat to anchor.

We  cannot wait for the bishops to lead. It’s not going to happen. They’re managers and bureaucrats, at best. They’re not leaders and they have no balls.  So that means we have to pick up the baton and run the race instead.  We need a framework for uniting Catholics across our cities, provinces, and country to co-ordinate our efforts to preserve the Faith and fight for our rights.  That should be the bishops’ responsibility normally, but it’s not happening.  They’ve sold out the Faith to the Almighty compromise and God knows what else.  However, it doesn’t mean that such an initiative is not necessary.  There is a huge void to fill and we need to fill it.

This is not a challenge to the Bishops’ “leadership”.  It’s not a challenge because there is no leadership.  That’s the point.


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  1. I hear you loud and clear on that one and I agree. Somehow the faithful Catholics left in this Country have to find a way to communicate with one another and enlist as soilders in the Church Miltant.
    Don Richard

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