The Church of Victimolatry

Not sure if anyone has noticed this, but I thought I would point out the obvious.  Do you know what social liberals, leftists, and Islamicists all have in common?

They all have the same religion.

No, you read that correctly the first time.  They all have the same religion.

But, you might say, liberals and leftists are not typically Islamic. Typically, they’re more into self-worship and narcissism than anything else. So how can this be?

Simple. They all subscribe to the Cult of Victimhood: Victimolatry, the worship of victims.

Take any dispute you like and you will find undergirding them all is this trenchant and sure belief that they are victims.  You offended me.  You make more money than me.  You look better than me.  You discriminated against me.  It’s all about “me” and what you did to “me”.  Remember when John F Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country“?

Let’s see if Obama goes for that line at the next Democratic convention.

It’s all about their “rights”, you see. And what are these rights?  Are they found in natural justice? No. Are they found in natural law? No.  Are they found in precedent? No. Are they found in common sense? Hell No. If you want to find out what a “Right” is in Canada today, just look to anyone playing the victim card and listen to what they have to say.  And there you will find the latest “right”. 

Under this contorted rubric, therefore, it’s not hard to see why truth is no longer a defense or even an adjudicator of what is really a “right”.  When we used to live in a society that still held on to its collective mind,  if something wasn’t true, it would not be declared a “right”.  You cannot have a right to something which if false. If you did, then society would begin to collapse.

But wait a minute, Buckwheat. Isn’t that what’s happening right now?  Uh, yeah. I would say so.

We’ve dispensed with all that mumbo-jumbo, authoritarian, mean-spirited “black and white” absolute truth stuff.  We’re into the softy, loosy-goosy, “here-let-me-inject-you-with-some-harm-prevention-lethal-narcotic”, hurt feelings and offensiveness barometer program to decide how we shall order our society.  God help the horses when the Zoos get their “rights”.

Victimolatry is a serious business.  It’s also the ticket to power.  Consider Hitler, for instance.  He would not have succeeded without convincing the native population that they were victims.  Same goes with the Islamic Mullahs:  they’ve got no real hope and future in either their religion or their societies, so they offer the only thing that sells:  hate and victimhood. 

That’s why Christianity is so important for the recovery of the West because it teaches that there was only one True Victim and that was Christ.  All of this false pandering to the victim industry, on the other hand, is really a pernicious heresy in disguise, a cheap attempt to garner worship for oneself at the expense of the truth. 

Just because something bad happened to you or you were offended at something someone said doesn’t mean you didn’t deserve it. That’s another thing you’ll never hear a liberal or an Islamicist say:  “I deserve it”.  A good Christian will say that, of course, but you’ll never hear that coming from a Victimologist because it goes against their cult of victimhood.  

People who peddle victimolatry don’t have time for taking responsibility for themselves or their communities. They’re too busy hustling themselves as perpetual and permanent victims of society.  And when you have enough of these sorts of people, an economy of sorts is created around them.  Laws are passed, rights are created, human rights tribunals are established, and third-rate lawyers get jobs hustling the human rights parade along as prosecutors or (please forgive me for saying this) “judges”. 

And that is why conversely, noble ideals like freedom and truth become unknowable and unintelligible punchlines of a Christian history too far removed to be relevant to a culture of the perpetually aggrieved who worship at the Church of Victimolatry.

One thought on “The Church of Victimolatry

  1. Since it is apparently impossible to victimize western white conservative Catholic males, I guess we will never be able to create anything we could construe as a “right”.

    Wait a second… doesn’t that make us victims of rights creation deficiency syndrome.

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