The Church of Sociology

… For a surprising number of Roman Catholics today it seems to be inconceivable that any grave and damaging transformations could happen to their church. Of course we have our Lord’s word that the Church will endure, since not even the gates of hell can finally prevail against it. But, strangely enough, those who call themselves conservatives seem more aware of the possibility that the gates of hell might do a great deal of damage before Christ returns in triumph. They more readily recognize that the particular form of the Church that is Roman Catholicism is a historical construct and can be historically deconstructed. In this instance, Ratzinger’s complaint about theologians who view the church “sociologically” rather than as a “mystery” is reversed. An astonishing sense of “mystery” is to be found among the ecclesiastical fundamentalists who believe that the Roman Catholic Church can abandon its identifying particularities and indulge any force of transformation and still be the Roman Catholic Church. Their church, to which they are undoubtedly devoted, floats above the mundane, indifferent to the fragilities and contingencies of historical change. Therefore anything can be done, and it does not matter, not really.

The above Neuhaus citation comes from Ross Douthat’s recent column, Why I Am Catholic.  I think hell has frozen over because I substantially agree with a NY Times Columnist.  I also think it is fitting that Pope Benedict’s comment regarding theologians who view the church “sociologically” is prophetic because that is exactly who the Progressives are and that is exactly the mentality that came to the foreground at the Synod, and in particular, paragraph 52 of its final document:

52. The possibility for the divorced and remarried to accede to the sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist was considered. Several Synod Fathers insisted in favor of the current discipline, in consideration of the constitutive relationship between participation in the Eucharist and communion with the Church and her teaching on indissoluble marriage. Others expressed themselves in favor of a non-generalized welcoming to the eucharistic table, in certain particular situations and in very specific circumstances, especially in cases that are irreversible and linked to moral obligations towards children who would [otherwise] be subjected to unjust suffering. The eventual access to the sacraments should be preceded by a penitential path under the responsibility of the diocesan Bishop. The matter should still be deepened, taking into consideration the distinction between an objective situation of sin and attenuating circumstances, considering that the “Imputability and responsibility for an action can be diminished or even nullified” by several “psychological or social factors.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1735)] [This paragraph did not reach the required 2/3 of the Fathers: 104 in favor, 74 against]



2 thoughts on “The Church of Sociology

  1. I started every school morning in Canada with The Lord’s Prayer led by my school teachers,and The Ten Commandments were on Government Buildings,Court and Schoolhouse Walls,and in the majorities hearts. Canada and Western Civilization were Christian in Government,Law and Education, things were not perfect but were getting better all the time,until about 1962 when The Secular Pagan Elite deceed Christianity unconstitutional,and so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism constitutional.In the guise of separation of church and state;the Seculars separated Christianity from Western Civilizations (Government,Law and Education),and designated it to buildings where people can pretend to be christian while government, law and education paganize everyone starting with Kindergarteners.

    Today most people don’t know anything about our Christian Heritage or want to.The so-called “neutral” Seculars have rewritten Western History,and the majority of the olds have converted to secular paganism.Western Civilization was Christian of sorts from about 307 to 1962,before converting back to paganism. Our Christian Heritage is History,because of the political,apathy,indifference and complacence of our voting democratic citizens.We live in Democratic Secular Pagan Canada,with it’s human rights imposed on everyone starting with Kinsey Sex Education traumatized Kindergarteners with no-one to help them!

  2. Gobbledygook… as my beautiful Mom (God Bless her soul), or more fitting it sounds like a form of legalese which is anything but, how about devilish-tease. In putting this document together they use all kinds of phrases like a snakes winding their way around Truth, trying to strangle it in the process,and confuse what should never be confusing, if not completely attempt to squeeze Truth to the very death intended, lest they be stopped in their tracks by those who are formidable and whose business is to protect Holy Mother Church and uphold Her Sacred Teachings that are immutable (we must not forget the enemy works strategically, not all at once, lest he be but the Truth dies not change according to what Jesus has stated. However times are very very dark so we must be light and shout and speak the Truth out all the more, not less, knowing we will be persecuted as we were told since Jesus…the only real Truth.. Was first.The Roman Catholic Church is His Church, and we are to be obedient to Him, and those in Authority who follow Him and are real disciples of Him obeying Jesus teachings, not charlatans.

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