The Church of Capitulation

Today’s Mass readings to set the context:

gaypride2015-4“If it does not please you to serve the LORD, decide today whom you will serve,  the gods your fathers served beyond the River  or the gods of the Amorites in whose country you are now dwelling.  As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”


Husbands, love your wives,  even as Christ loved the church and handed himself over for her to sanctify her,  cleansing her by the bath of water with the word,  that he might present to himself the church in splendor,  without spot or wrinkle or any such thing,  that she might be holy and without blemish.


As a result of this,  many of his disciples returned to their former way of life and no longer accompanied him. Jesus then said to the Twelve, “Do you also want to leave?”  Simon Peter answered him, “Master, to whom shall we go?


So today after I sent out a clarion call for brothers and sisters in the Faith to show up and pray in front of St. Pat’s Basilica in reparation for the perversity that would appear just a short distance from the Blessed Sacrament.  There was a very encouraging response….maybe 50 or so people showed up on very short notice — less than 24 hours.  When I arrived there around 12:55, people were already milling about and the atmosphere was upbeat and calm…even joyful.  So as the minutes went by and I looked at my watch, 15 minutes had passed and it was already 1:10 pm.  The parade had started several blocks to the South of the Basilica at 1PM.  So I called for everyone’s attention and asked them to stand on the sidewalk, with back’s facing the parade, to begin to pray the Rosary.  I had made it clear on this website and by email that this would merely be a prayerful time where we would ask for Our Lady’s intercession through the Holy Rosary. That’s it.  No insults. No yelling. Not even verbal confrontation unless it was civil. We were there to pray in reparation to Our Lord, but also for the misguided and hurting souls who were seduced into the lie of the homosexual lifestyle.

As we started to pray the Rosary, we were approached by a woman named “Sheila” from St. Pat’s Pastoral Council, insisting that we stop praying in the Street.  Apparently, we were encouraging a confrontation, and, we were to avoid this at all costs.  I resisted her requests, reminding her that we were faithful Catholics and we had every right to be there.  I even told her that we weren’t on Church property. She was not dissuaded and asserted her phony authority. She was almost distressed that there was even the slightest possibility of any kind of interaction or upset people!  I reminded her that we were there not to provoke anyone, and this was not about provocation (even though the Gay parade was exactly that, as it changed its route to pass by the Basilica.).  She finally had enough and asked for my name and she whipped out her notebook waiting for my answer. I told her my name and she dutifully wrote it down.  “Look lady, I don’t have time to talk to you anymore. The show’s about to start and we need to start praying.”  So, we started up again.


Within 5 minutes, I saw her at the top of the stairs at the entrance of the Church talking to Fr. Bosco Wong, the Basilica’s rector.  I knew what was coming down the pipe.  It didn’t take long, either.  Fr. Wong walked down the stairs and approached me.  We essentially went through the same song and dance.  After pleading my case, I figured that it was no use.  Fr. Wong would not budge. I finally asked him, “Father, just so we are clear, is this a command that you want us to leave the sidewalk?”  He said, “Yes it is.”  Well, I had to make a choice.  Do I obey or do I ask him to move along kindly, because I am not on Church property.   This was not a political battle or a legal one. I simply could not disobey legitimate church authority, even though it was succumbing to a diabolical disorientation.  Fr. Wong was at least gracious enough to invite us to pray inside. I quickly turned around and told everyone that I disagreed with Father Wong, but I could not disregard his command, and I encouraged everyone to join me.  Many followed…close to 25.  Others chose not to, but their presence was not as conspicuous as mine was with the flag, and they had other reasons for remaining.  To oppose the pastor of the Church, however misguided he was, was to cede ground to the Enemy.   So, flag pole and flag in hand, I entered the Church to pray.  As I walked up the stairs, someone called out, “Good call, John, obedience is more important than sacrifice.”

And so is, I suppose, humiliation.  St. Joseph’s Catholic Church had its own banner in the parade.  But no one stopped them.  Too provocative and confrontational, you see. So that you are all tracking this calculus and you all understand what’s in play here:  Faithful Catholics recite rosary in little more than hushed tones on public sidewalk, for love of the Church and persons marching in the parade, without provocation or rancor on city sidewalk.  Get asked by the parish priest to stop for fear of provocation.  On the other hand, Catholic parish in Ottawa marches in the same Pride parade, and no action taken.  It sure looks like the devil protects their evangelization and thwarts ours. 


But the story doesn’t end there.  As about 25 of us walked into the Church to start praying the Rosary, the Pride Parade passed by.  We ended up praying all four mysteries of the Rosary and added the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the end of it.  The noise and battle over this hour from 1:30-2:30 was intense. It was the most intense spiritual battle that I had ever engaged in.  This is what Suzanne wrote on her Facebook page:

So what happened at today’s prayer action at the Ottawa Gay Pride Parade….

There was a lot of discussion of the issue of the prayer action by Fr. Bosco and Sheila from the parish council (I think that’s her name). John Pacheco was also in negotiation with them. There was a concern that even standing with our backs to the parade and praying out rosary might be provocative and cause a disturbance. John and about 20 other people (including me) started praying the rosary with our backs to the sidewalk. Finally Fr. Bosco asked us to move inside the Basilica. John agreed out of obedience and I followed John. We were about 20 people praying the rosary inside. Some remained outside and I don’t know about what happened to them.

It was a marathon rosary session. I’d never prayed the rosary like I prayed this afternoon. I think we prayed for at least an hour straight, maybe longer. We had time to say at least 3 rosaries. It was hot in the Church and a lot of people were sweating. When the parade started, we could hear the music from the boom boxes. Sometimes they rang police or ambulance sirens, vuvulezas, honked horns. You get the picture. Sometimes it was so loud we could barely hear ourselves pray.

We wrapped up with a Divine Mercy chaplet. We stopped probably because we were wiped. It was intense. The doors to the front steps were locked so we had to exit through the side, which is just as well. We didn’t get to see anything at the parade, and maybe it was better that way.

I think we’re going to do this again next year, with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. I hope you all come.

PS: Rod Taylor of the CHP showed up in solidarity with us prayer warriors. Way to go Rod Taylor ! He remained outside after most of us went inside.


Featured to the immediate left here, Rod Taylor, leader of the Christian Heritage Party, offering his support.  Rod is running in Ottawa West Nepean in this upcoming election.

A number of times during our prayer time, we encountered confusion and disorientation in reciting the mysteries…out of order sometimes, confusion on who was leading, and other conflicts. I had never experienced anything like it.  It became personal for me when, about a third of the way through one of the decades that I was leading, I forgot how to say the first part of the Hail Mary – a prayer that any Catholic would have recited a million times by my age. I tried three times and I could not do it!  It was not a pleasant experience, but I recovered on future decades.  The noise during the hour was loud.  The music, the sirens, the screams.  It reached a fevered pitch at times.  At one point during one of the louder moments of the Parade, I remembered when the Americans were trying to smoke out Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega back in the 80s from a foreign embassy he had fled to in Panama. The Americans blasted rock music 24-7 at the Embassy to encourage him to come out.  I saw the same thing happening here, except in reverse:  the devil taunting the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament…and his infernal spirit was passing by only meters away…with the consent of the parish, no less.

As we finished the Divine Mercy Chaplet, my thoughts focused on one thing:  next year.  Is this show is going to be different or will it be another occasion to show how good we all are at capitulation?  We need more troops on the ground and this issue needs to be raised at the highest levels of the Church here in Ottawa.  It is that important.

Jesus Christ did not shy away from confrontation, but in our emasculated Church today, that’s all that we do.  We have worshipped at the altar of pedantic “dialogue” for so long, that we simply cannot stand or tolerate the idea that confrontation is some times a necessary thing. We don’t know how to fight anymore.  This is a grave sickness that the Church is experiencing and it needs to be addressed with some urgency.  If we’re not ready to fight for our Faith, we’re going to be steam-rolled.  We cannot compromise everything.  We cannot engage in endless capitulation.  This will not do. No, sir.  It will not do.  Lame excuses for why we must not be provocative is not going to cut it.  It’s a lie of the devil, and it is anti-Christian.  Catholics are not pacifists or pansies, but that’s how we are acting.  Let this be a warning to all those who have authority in the Church and allow this sacrilege to go on without confrontation.  Remember what our Lord said about the lukewarm and tremble, because you will be held accountable to Almighty God.

I thank all those who came out today to pray and witness to the truth.  This battle is not over.  See you next year.  Same time.  Same place.gaypride2015-5








Some videos of the event:



18 thoughts on “The Church of Capitulation

  1. Catholic Professor’s with tenure at Secular Humanist Universities did more than our so-call Catholic and Protestant Priests, Bishops etc. did in 2005 after Chapel Prayer;when Parliament did not raise the age of sex consent from 14, and The Supreme Court Of Canada decreed consenting 14 year old’s as consenting adults.Thus making Canada a legal destination for Sex trafficking predators and pedophiles.These Culture Warrior’s who taught at Secular Humanist Universities understood that our children were corrupted in schools, by promiscuous Secular Humanist sexology,by government legislation.They used their own time and money to unite citizens and parents across our nation to finally force The House Of Commons to raise the age of sex consent to 16,but they wanted it higher. This cost those who fought corrupt government and law much,but we did get Parliament to pass a Bill into law raising the age of sex consent to 16.Lord Christ teaches us who The Good Shepherd is and the attributes of the hireling.Those who fallow their Master know His voice.

  2. God bless you John & everyone who courageously showed up to defend Our Lord during this abomination. Your description of the spiritual battle involved while you were praying was very revealing – you were in the front lines of Sodom & Gomorrah there. I shudder to think what’s in store for those parade participants if no repentance is made before they meet their Maker. Hopefully your prayers will lead to some conversions – if now now, then at some future date.

  3. This country as well as all of Western Civilization was Christian of sorts in Government,Law and Education, where schoolchildren started every morning with The Lord’s Prayer led by their teachers.Sex Education was dating, courtship, and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex.The Ten Commandments were on Government edifices,Court and Schoolhouse walls,and in the majorities hearts and minds,because our people politically kept it that way. Now our elected representatives legislate evil and teach it to schoolchildren as normal behavior,because almost every Catholic and Protestant Church has Priests and administrator’s like the ones mentioned in the article above.The majority of our people now elect representatives who legislate moral corruption,because they have no faith in their Triune God.The Sodom and Gomorrah we live in is legislated by the representatives the majority elects.

  4. I wish to thank John and all of the Legionnaires who came to pray and witness on the public sidewalk in front of St. Patrick’s Basilica on Sunday August 23, 2015. Our purpose was twofold, namely, to show the people who participated in this “Gay Pride” parade that their actions are egregiously sinful in the eyes of the Lord and also to pray that they shed this darkness and radically convert to Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

    I attended 12:15PM Mass. At the dismissal, the only announcement was made by the celebrant who stated that all vehicles parked in front of the Church would have to move. I then took my place on the sidewalk with the rest of our group,

    An anti-witness took place however. At the direction of Father Bosco Wong who had been summoned by a woman named “Sheila Jones” purported to be a member of the St. Patrick’s Parish Council, we were ordered to leave the public sidewalk in front of the Church. He said it would be okay if we prayed inside the Church. The front doors were locked and we were out of sight.

    I have tried to digest what had happened and after several hours of pondering the events, I came to the conclusion that we were prevented from carrying out one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy, to admonish sinners.

    It also graphically brings to mind, Ezekiel 3:17-19 (New American Bible)

    17 Son of man, I have appointed you a sentinel for the house of Israel.j When you hear a word from my mouth, you shall warn them for me.
    18 If I say to the wicked, You shall surely die—and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade the wicked from their evil conduct in order to save their lives—then they shall die for their sin, but I will hold you responsible for their blood.
    19 If, however, you warn the wicked and they still do not turn from their wickedness and evil conduct, they shall die for their sin, but you shall save your life.

    Archbishop Prendergast has been our shepherd for the last eight years. During his tenure, he has made it clear to us both in words and actions how he approaches matters of proclaiming our Catholic faith. He has personally led us in the March for Life processions, the Way of the Cross on Good Friday and the 40 Days for Life campaigns all passing by the abortuary on Bank Street. As faithful Catholics, we follow our shepherd.

    I am trying to reconcile his teaching with the events of yesterday and they don’t jive. Either Archbishop has changed his instruction and we have not been advised of this or Father Wong has unilaterally formulated a new policy without the courtesy of advising the Archbishop.
    Quoting from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1567 “The priests, prudent cooperators of the episcopal college and its support and instrument, called to the service of the People of God, constitute, together with their bishop, a unique sacerdotal college (presbyterium) dedicated, it is true, to a variety of distinct duties. In each local assembly of the faithful they represent, in a certain sense, the bishop, with whom they are associated in all trust and generosity; in part they take upon themselves his duties and solicitude and in their daily toils discharge them.”51 Priests can exercise their ministry only in dependence on the bishop and in communion with him. The promise of obedience they make to the bishop at the moment of ordination and the kiss of peace from him at the end of the ordination liturgy mean that the bishop considers them his co-workers, his sons, his brothers and his friends, and that they in return owe him love and obedience.”

    This situation needs clarification because it has diocese-wide ramifications.

  5. All you accomplished here was to draw to yourself gay people who have been hurt by the church or those who are angry because they have been oppressed. There is a more loving way to minister to LGBT people than this.

    • I agree. There is a more loving way. And there is a less loving way, too. At least it’s a start. But I will tell you what it’s a lot better than. It’s better than doing absolutely nothing.

      I’m open to suggestions.

      • why not invite a LGBT person to dinner and ask them about their life? What they do, what hobbies do they like, who they are voting for in the next election, where are they from, what book are they reading right now, get to know them and appreciate their humanity.

        • Kathy, we are not the ones making their identity all about sex. They are. Actually, the Catholic Church condemns the idea that a human person can be reduced to a sexual identity, so that it defines who they are. And yet, that is precisely what they do…even going so far as to punish people who disagree with these kind of sexual identity politics.

          The question you ask above can be asked of just about any self-identified sinner. What precisely does that prove? That an unrepentant alcoholic can’t like watching a baseball game? What exactly does this prove? That such a person can’t be likeable and funny? Of course not, but that doesn’t the issue, does it?

          • All I am saying is to socialize with gay people like everyone else. It seems you are the one making this about sexual identity by creating barriers. The act of connecting with others is what spreads the gospel. When Jesus sat and ate with sinners maybe some were repentant maybe some were unrepentant but I think he took the opportunity despite that.

    • Homosexuals, Kathy, are thus far less than 2% of the public who cannot naturally have children of their own,but have politically organized to have their morbid lifestyle legalized by government legislation to increase their numbers.Today they and adult school teachers are normalizing this evil behaviour to malleable, and trusting school children, as legal secular humanist human rights.Because of politically apathetic and indifferent so-called Catholics and Protestants and their Clergy these psychologically traumatized school children have nowhere, or no one to turn too. You kathy seem to believe the homosexuals born that way lie,but we nicely tell them,and our elected government representatives to repent of their legalizing unhealthy behavior.You also were born fallen Kathy,but remaining that way is your freewill choice,which has consequences if you do not repent of your fallen ways, which includes the normalizing of homosexuality innocent,impressionable school children,as so-called human rights.

      Homosexual Manifesto:First printed in The February 15,1987 issue of The Homosexual etc.,Newspaper,Gay Community News,by Michael Swift.

      THIS ESSAY is outre, madness, a tragic, cruel fantasy, an eruption of inner rage, on how the oppressed desperately dream of being the oppressor.

      We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all-male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us.
      Women, you cry for freedom. You say you are no longer satisfied with men; they make you unhappy. We, connoisseurs of the masculine face, the masculine physique, shall take your men from you then. We will amuse them; we will instruct them; we will embrace them when they weep. Women, you say you wish to live with each other instead of with men. Then go and be with each other. We shall give your men pleasures they have never known because we are foremost men too and only man knows how to truly please another man; only one man can understand with depth and feeling the mind and body of another man.
      All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked. Instead, legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men.
      All homosexuals must stand together as brothers; we must be united artistically, philosophically, socially, politically, and financially. We will triumph only when we present a common face to the vicious heterosexual enemy.
      If you dare to cry faggot, fairy, queer, at us, we will stab you in your cowardly hearts and defile your dead, puny bodies.
      We shall write poems of the love between men; we shall stage plays in which man openly caresses man; we shall make films about the love between heroic men which will replace the cheap, superficial, sentimental, insipid, juvenile, heterosexual infatuations presently dominating your cinema screens. We shall sculpt statues of beautiful young men, of bold athletes which will be placed in your parks, your squares, your plazas. The museums of the world will be filled only with paintings of graceful, naked lads.
      Our writers and artists will make love between men fashionable and de rigueur, and we will succeed because we are adept at setting styles. We will eliminate heterosexual liaisons through the devices of wit and ridicule, devices which we are skilled in employing.
      We will unmask the powerful homosexuals who masquerade as heterosexuals. You will be shocked and frightened when you find that your presidents and their sons, your industrialists, your senators, your mayors, your generals, your athletes, your film stars, your television personalities, your civic leaders, your priests are not the safe, familiar, bourgeois, heterosexual figures you assumed them to be. We are everywhere; we have infiltrated your ranks. Be careful when you speak of homosexuals because we are always among you; we may be sleeping in the same bed with you.
      There will be no compromises. We are not middle-class weaklings. Highly intelligent, we are the natural aristocrats of the human race, and steely-minded aristocrats never settle for less. Those who oppose us will be exiled.
      We shall raise vast, private armies, as Mishima did, to defeat you. We shall conquer the world because warriors inspired by and banded together by homosexual love and honor are as invincible as were the ancient Greek soldiers. The family unit — spawning ground of lies, betrayals, mediocrity, hypocrisy, and violence — will be abolished. The family unit, which only dampens imagination and curbs free will, must be eliminated. Perfect boys will be conceived and grown in the genetic laboratory. They will be bonded together in a communal setting, under the control and instruction of homosexual savants.
      All churches who condemn us will be closed. Our only gods are handsome young men. We adhere to a cult of beauty, moral and aesthetic. All that is ugly and vulgar and banal will be annihilated. Since we are alienated from middle-class heterosexual conventions, we are free to live our lives according to the dictates of the pure imagination. For us too much is not enough.
      The exquisite society to emerge will be governed by an elite comprised of gay poets. One of the major requirements for a position of power in the new society of homoeroticism will be indulgence in the Greek passion. Any man contaminated with heterosexual lust will be automatically barred from a position of influence. All males who insist on remaining stupidly heterosexual will be tried in homosexual courts of justice and will become invisible men.
      We shall rewrite history, history filled and debased with your heterosexual lies and distortions. We shall portray the homosexuality of the great leaders and thinkers who have shaped the world. We will demonstrate that homosexuality and intelligence and imagination are inextricably linked, and that homosexuality is a requirement for true nobility, true beauty in a man.
      We shall be victorious because we are fueled with the ferocious bitterness of the oppressed who have been forced to play seemingly bit parts in your dumb, heterosexual shows throughout the ages. We too are capable of firing guns and manning the barricades of the ultimate revolution.
      Tremble, hetero swine, when we appear before you without our masks!

      • Hi Dronebuster and Citizen

        First of all, I am familiar with that manifesto. My background is history and my focus was social movements. Can I say right off the bat that the name Michael Swift is indeed a pseudonym and the person or persons who wrote that manifesto, more than likely, were motivated either by political desire or sheer frustration. And, in addition, as outrageous as it may seem to you- it is satire. Satire in the sense of how society, in the eighties, viewed so called ‘ homosexuals’. It was written as tongue in cheek to point out how ridiculous it was for straight society to think that gay people were all about sex and goods looks and beauty. It was a much different world then and ‘gay’ people were responding in a very strong way towards what they felt was off based stereotypes and being treated less than human.

        Granted we all have different beliefs on what homosexuality is and I am not responding here to open that debate but rather to create an environment of understanding.

        When Jesus sat down with prostitutes and tax collectors and all kinds of sinners, I wonder, what did he talk to them about as they lounged at the table and looked into each other’s eyes and conversed? Somehow I don’t picture Jesus lecturing them, or directly pointing out their sins (to cause them shame) or praying over them without their participation. Rather… it is true to say that written in the Gospels…. Jesus told stories or parables about what the Kingdom of God looked like and how all are invited to enter it and yes how we need to turn to him because he died for us- because he wants each of us- because we are all precious and made in his image. He is our creator and God loves his creation.

        And for sinners, like all of us, we need to come to know and trust in Jesus. We can only do that over time and getting to know other Christians. It is through us that others know the love of Jesus. A love which is greater than his condemnation of any sin. As it is written in John 3:16.

        • Kathy, while much of what you say is correct, you don’t accept ALL of the truth, but only some of it. And accepting only some of it, really doesn’t make your case compelling.

          Jesus was love. But He was also a warrior. The war that he fought cost Him his life on the Cross. If we downplay sin or the gravity of it, then we demean the Cross. Sin is deadly…both physically and spiritually. ALL SIN…not just the sin we are comfortable in condemning in any particular age.
          Modernism is a heresy, Kathy. Sodomy was a sin from the beginning of Creation and it is a sin today. It is evident through natural law, biology, scripture, tradition, and reason. “Love” does not always say “yes”. Sometimes it says “no”. Jesus said “no” to sin…even at the point of costing Him his life on the Cross. He could have stepped away and redefined sin, but if He engaged in that sophistry, none of us would be raised from the Dead and we would still be stuck in our sin.

          • I think your way of looking at it is to see the speck in someone else’s eye- the speck. Many LGBT persons are being called and invited by Jesus to be reconciled to God and they don’t have a welcoming place to worship or to be fed the Gospel. As long as we make sin or difference a separation and make it our job to be policemen of the world we are missing opportunities to help a world hungry for spiritual healing. Those who are still in sin are not unapproachable and are awaiting God’s grace, they need to be treated with dignity as equal human beings with no greater or lesser traits or qualities than anyone else.

  6. Thank you John for mobilizing the troops and for your coverage of the event. I do hope next year permission to have the Blessed Sacrament present is obtained. It gives me hope that so many turned out with such short notice. God bless you all for your courageous witness!

  7. Good comment Kathy. And now I stand with Drone buster in asking for suggestions. Since you did not offer any suggestions, Kathy, I will not name all those countless Catholic groups and individuals who are in fact doing just that. For countless number of years these groups and individuals have built hospitals and staffed them, cared for the sick. They have built our education system. I personally know of an ex prostitute/drug pusher/nurse who cared for terminal HIV patients. I have come to believe, sadly, that if any one person professes to be catholic and is in a position to help, they will be rejected. I guess you can say we invited ourselves.

    Please feel free to direct me or correct me.

    • Gary

      We have to accept a certain amount of rejection by the LGBT community because they have been rejected by the church. It is a trust issue.

      Many gays especially those who are Christian suffer from a cognitive dissonance that challenges thier sense of reality.
      Often the futility of it causes shame and unnecessary despair once again not chosen by them – rather it is a direct consequence of being gay. It is not about whether they were born that way but they can’t remember a time when they chose to be gay. It is the ultimate insult to thier sense of self then to be told they are condemn and unrepentant for something they did not consciously decided to be.

      So building trust and befriending gay people as they are and where they are in life without constant reminders of something they had no choice over is a starting point.

  8. I forgot to thank Tony. Thank for illuminating that scripture. I felt very safe in staying on the sidewalk. Your comment along with the Sunday readings put things into perspective.

    Thanks again.

  9. Homosexual Christian is an oxymoron,as is homosexual Catholic or Protestant Church.When one looks at The Centers For Disease Control, and HIV and AIDs Surveillance Report Data, one realizes the morbidity of the homosexual lifestyle,thus none of the other exposure categories even comes close to this morbid behavior.Unrepentant sinners know this,but ask for their unhealthy and unnatural lifestyle to be accepted as normal behavior,which our elected representatives have legislated as legal,and therefore moral, and it is taught as so-called human rights by adults to impressionable school children from Kindergarten to University.In 2005 The House Of Commons did not raise the age of sex consent,and that same year a few days before Christmas The Supreme Court Of Canada ruled consenting 14 year old’s as consenting adults,thus making Canada a legal destination by right for sex trafficking predators,pedophiles, and anyone else who could talk our youth into consent,and recruit them into these behaviors,by forming clubs in schools.After Chapel prayer we united concerned parents and citizens across our nation to pressure their MP’s to Pass a Bill to overturn their terrible laws,and they finally listened to reason, and Passed a Bill into Law raising the age of sex consent to 16,even though we wanted it higher,but they still had clubs in schools to recruit innocent children.Now more than 2% of the public who claimed to honor Traditional Family Values Politically United to accomplish this raising the age of sex consent.When our children are traumatised in schools by homosexual and promiscuous sex and health education,which form clubs to recruit them by legislated government evil we ought to remain politically vigilant ,and hold our elected officials accountable to overturn rotten legislation,even though Child and Traditional Family Values corruptors believe this is wrong.

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