The Chattel Children

TORONTO, Ontario, January 3, 2006 ( – The Ontario Court of Appeal, in another major Ontario judicial activist decision, has ruled that a five-year-old Ontario boy has three legal parents. The Appeals Court, overturning an emphatic lower court ruling, granted the boy’s father, biological mother and the mother’s lesbian partner equal rights and responsibilities under law, in a decision released yesterday.

A lower court ruling on the case in 2003 said the Ontario Children’s Law Reform Act could not be interpreted as recognizing more than two persons as parents by birth or adoption. In his ruling, Justice David Aston said at the time that allowing more than two parents ““might open the floodgates to similar claims from step-parents or members of the child’s extended family.”

“If a child can have three parents,” Aston wrote, “why not four or six or a dozen? What about all the adults in a commune or a religious organization or sect? Quite apart from social policy implications, the potential to create or exacerbate custody and access litigation should not be ignored.”

While the Appeal Court agreed, the Court also found that the existing law did not take into account changes to Canadian society which affected parenting, leaving a sufficiently serious “gap” to require the intervention of the court. The lower court ruling was overturned and all three persons in question were granted parental rights.



During the March4Marriage rally held on Parliament Hill (see pic at top of my blog), the last speaker to present was Dr. Douglas Farrow. Dr. Farrow is an associate Professor of Christian Thought at the Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University, and serves on the Steering Committee of Enshrine Marriage Canada.

He is also the co-author of Divorcing Marriage: Unveiling the Dangers in Canada’s New Social Experiment…

Anyhow, I should have put him first on the speaker list and not last. I thought he would give a pretty boring speech for an academic, but he was fantastic and the crowd were very impressed by his solid reasoning and presentation. At that time (April 9, 2005), he predicted that children would become mere chattels of the State if same-sex “marriage” was passed into law and that our inalienable rights to our children would be reduced to mere “legal rights” and these so-called legal rights would eventually supercede the natural claims of biology.

After all, if marriage is not based on biology, why should the stewardship of your children be? One goes with the other. Either it’s biology for both or biology for neither, right? Right.

It is not implausible in the future that a biological father or mother could lose their rights to their children because some sick and perverse judge decides that a particular relationship a child has with another person supercedes “mere” biology. You know, “love” and “understanding” will be used to sever biology and nature from the law so that all relationships are reduced to the realm of the arbitrary, where mere “feelings” and “relationships” trump common sense and logic.

Click below to listen to Dr. Farrow’s speech. It’s about 7.5 minutes (a little long), but he does a very good job in predicting what is happening today – not yet 2 years after he gave this prophetic speech on Parliament Hill.

Dr. Farrow’s Speech at the National March4Marriage Rally held on Parliament Hill, April 9, 2005.

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