2 thoughts on “THE challenge for the New Evangelization: bringing men back to church

  1. You may want to share that with the a man who after already being told because of his abusive behaviour toward me at one parish and his “buddies” were good ol’ “boys’ from from the Knights of Columbus, continued his abusive and he did not ever or even try to be subtle about it at another Modern slanted parish in the west end. When my husband confronted him he created a further scandal and this was just before Communion time I might add, yelling in the aisle calling me all kinds of insults even adding that the pastor at the other parish agreed I was crazy and a liar and further pure vitriolic malice abusive things. I do not know who this character is, but his wife is a Eucharistic “minister” at the parish in the west end. We spoke with the pastor of that church and he was very bothered by this and my husband said he would have to call in the police because this man appears to be full of insane hatred towards me (Owe do not know why as I have said we do not even know his name but we can only assume it was because his abusive insulting lying bullying tactics at the parish downtown were mentioned to the pastor there when it had reached the point of him shoving me in the parking lot of that parish and then lying and denying it after he also called me awful things and spread malicious calumny and slander about me, and even said with total arrogance that the pastor agreed with him.
    We thought we had seen the last of his abusive behaviour as the incidents at that parish happened at least a year ago, until the my husband had to confront him again at the parish in the west end.
    The pastor at that parish also told me if it happened again to go right to him and point the man out as he stayed away for a little while.
    Well, yesterday morning I attended said parish because I wanted to go to Confession before Communion and and I was alone as my husband had to attend an important meeting, and when after Mass I was waiting to use the bathroom at the back of the Church he emerged all of a sudden out of the crying room at the back of this parish I was hoping he would walk right on by but instead he stopped to point at my chest as he made a point to stop he was right in my face, and snarl angrily at me again, to the point he was yelling “Don’t you talk to me you are a liar crazy, etc etc, more abuse and as he was turning back while he did this I told him that the pastor had been told about this and soon the police would be too in light of his antics and continuation of whatever hate and malice is if all of. I mean ugly malice his eyes are full of hatred while does this and he does not care who is present or the fact he has just received Holy Communion!!!
    At any rate this person is a dangerous individual and the fact he is continuing to show up there without being told by the pastor or the so called men’s group whatever group they have there protecting his antics is unbelievable. In fact as I was trying to get around him to go up the tell the pastor near the Sacred Altar space where he had told me to go if and/when this man was provocative and abusive again, a whole slew of Church of Nice women surrounded me acting as if we should keep “fake peace’ while this character who I might add is supposed to be representing a man of God has yet agian been verbally and this time physically abusive as he pushed me back when I was trying to go around him, and NOBODY, including any MEN did anything or pulled him aside and even out of the Church after he created yet another dangerous and scandalous environment.
    Whe I finally found my way to the pastoe who we both later spoke with he cited his health as reasons he could not deal with this at that point and the fact as told us later “it is more complicated than that” WHAT PRAY TELL is complicated with telling an obviously hateful, disturbed man full of seething resentment, about Heaven Knows what…I do not even know this man nor his wife, (so much of for JUST his receiving The Holy Eucharist …than carrying on as he did, one may add) and acting it out on someone (me in this case), is someone waiting till he kills someone, because believe me my husband believes he is very disturbed with hate and very capapble of it by the fact he is continuing with his antics more than a year when it first begun (so much for forgiveness and Lenten practices). One does not remain silent about abuse and call it something else to try to pretend they are being “charitable”. A pure example of the Church of “Nice”, and how its so called “community” rallied around the person being attacked by a man who cares not when or how he acts out. I was so good to see all the “men” protect the woman in this case. So please before you start your “usual blaming so feminism , for the fact most me do not follow God in obedience to protecting women but back down because of THEIR fallen relationship with God NOT because of femimism. Women had no choice, but to start doing many things outside of the Church as well because quite frankly, men who are choosing and have chosen to often act like nothing more than spoiled boys who want to be babied and blame women for everything just like Satan who hated women and keep up the perpetual treatment of women as the fallen Eve instead of the redeemed daughters of Jesus as well as daughters of Mary.

    There are few men in the Church because of the fact they do not like to be obedient to God and to put Him first and to die to self for their wives, and families period, and to be and emanate St. Joseph. God says stop blaming women, and look at your immature egocentric
    selves and the fact you will not control your sexual lusts and that is why God addresses MEN about lust of the eyes regarding adultery more times that a few.
    Anyway I have veered away from the abuse I suffered to day and other times by a man who has friends and “buddies” who after they hold their Rosaries go out in the parking lot sneer over at you and light a big cigar…ummm something just a bit odd about that. What is the defintion of a gentleman in these so called knights minds anyway? There is nothing chivalrous about being a cowardly abusive bully and lying about it to others and spreading slander about a woman who you hate because you do not even look inside your own heart at your evil inclinations and hatred and undealt with resentment and bitterness. If a man acted like that outside in another meeting hopefully some other people would come to the rescue of the person being castigated not try to to manipulate, and co conspire to cover his unjustifiable actions
    in Jesus’ Sacred home and rationalize away things that in no way can be rationalized as being anything other then they appear. He is spreading calumney and slander as he has threatened me with the fact he has “witnesses” and even tried to get an old woman there who I might add was attempting to blck me from going up to he pastor to lie and say I punched her???This is unblievable!!!! I saw her in the parking lot after I finally got to see the pastor and she was cleaning her car and I asked her I said to her “You told a bold face lie I NEVER punced you , a punch is a closed fist hitting someone, I had no idea what she was up to, then she said in ther broken Italian pointing to her cheek something to the effect “no fighting in the Church How ever she got that mark I do not know but to say that on top of what I had just gone through and the fact she was trying to defend this abuser or try to twist the TRUTH FOR HIS SAKE IS DIABOLICAL TO SAY THE LEAST. So you see they defend one another to try to keep up the charade of “niceness” while they are sodomizing pushing real feminist agendas to change the Church and allow allkinds of Sacrilege and bad Confession to continue.

    Lord Have Mercy.
    St Micheal, St. Joseph Jesus, Father God and Holy Ghost bring the Holy Catholic Church real men not simply fake men who when push comes to shove (literally with this abuser I encountered) the ones there do NOTHING to defend the honour of the women they are expected to defend not to mention the person being abused.

    As Gianna Jessen said before you spew on about blaming women and your incorrect generalization of ALL feminism as being “evil” you boys better do some research and look at what Deacon Bob McDonald says about why and how feminism arose because men simply were not being men but either domineering abusive Archie Bunker types or lazy slothful lustful spoiled boys who refused to assume responsibility and grow up to be men who would live for their wives families and the countries and nations they serve as a looooooooooong time ago, some of them at least the probably did. Half of the pampered suburbanites who follow this line have never been raped, gang raped, abused verbally emotionally, mentally, and physically growing up etc. by men, so PLEASE, spare me your one dimensional blame the feminists tripe. I for one am really tired of it.

    I came out of that NOT hating NOR blaming men, but I do call a spade a spade and everyone has a vocation to fulfill and we are all called to account for ourselves and when we commit wrong we are called to be honest about it own it and ask forgiveness and at the very least apologize to God and tho one we have offended, as soon as possible, and to try not to commit the same offense again and if we happen to just treat the latter till we hopefully stop doing it as some sions are very deeply habitated in us from whatever source they began to live in us and for whatever false reason we have not asked God to remove them for they offend Him greatly and kill our souls that are meant to be purified of said evils and must be rooted out and we are love Jesus Joseph and Mary and I might add the traditional Church, and do not believe in women being priests and I think they do way too much stuff in the Neo Church they should not be doing, like collecting money dressed in tight cleavage showing immodest attire etc. or reading way too much, in other words, bring back the men, and women love to be Eucharistic “ministers” NO!, no to these ministers period. The Church does not need them when the Church has only a few people anyway.

    Bring back the men, and please do something about keeping altar “girls” and liturgical dancing out of the Church. It is new age modernism infiltrating Sacred Home.

  2. Anyone who disagrees with the so-called “neutral” Secular State sanctioned worldview-religion that is homsexualizing Western schoolchildren from Kindergarten to University, by adult school teachers, and homosexual etc., activists is name called, and persecuted,as a so-called “neutral” Secular Democratic human right.Children are malleable and trusting;their brains are not unlike blank canvasses awaiting the brushstrokes of their environment.They absorb every image that is placed in front of them by those in authority.

    Some of these indoctrinated children grow up to be knights Of Columbus and Clergy etc.They need real Christians to apprentice them,but to be a real Christian is against Canadian Law,as perversions have been allowed to be politically legalised by the apathetic and indifferent voting public,and thus have become human rights,which are now normalized through the schools,courts by government decree. This so-called “neutral”Secularism has been accepted by Canadians as neutral human rights so-long, that even Church goer’s have been indoctrinated to believe they should name call real Christians.Thus the secular saying,”what is legal is moral.”A good politician once said,”If we fail to instruct our children in justice,Christian values,and liberty,we will be condemning them to a world without virtue.”This is what The Established Church has allowed.They have allowed the culture to crash and be severely injured,and now are only putting on small boxed bandages on a bleeding to death so-called “neutral”Secular democratic society.This is not what the Royal Christian Priesthood did which converted Roman Emperor Constantine about the year 307 from Multicultural Paganism.The only reason you have edifices called Churches is because His Government stopped Christian Persecution By decree.Don’t you think it’s time to convert with reasoned dialogue our Politicians who pass Bills into Laws?

    Our schools are indoctrinating our society to persecute people who disagree with perverting our culture through the school children in the tenets of so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism.Western Democratic Paganism as The State Sanctioned Worldview-Religion of Western Civilization in Government,Law and Education has returned our society to the tenets of Pagan Greece and Pagan Rome starting in 1962 ,when The Lord’s School Prayer was ruled unconstitutional By The United States Supreme Court,and this ruling accepted by the majority in Government.This new so-called “neutral” Secular Worldview-Religion spread like wildfire throughout Western Civilization.About the year 307 Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity from Paganism.Before this Christians were persecuted for sport for their values and worldview,by government decree.This new assault of so-called”neutral”Secularism resumed where the other left off.Too many industries of rich secular adults are making multiplied billions from perverting our society from Kindergarten.Do you really believe that they want the rivers of cash to stop flowing, by advocating sex education that teaches children that waiting for sex until faithful marriage is the healthy wholesome way to strengthen families?

    The West accepted Christianity as it’s State Sanctioned Worldview,because it allowed freedom from Pagan persecution,and perversion by government decree,but starting in 1962 Western Democratic society was talked into politically converting to the new State Sanctioned Worldview-Religion of so-called “neutral”Secularism.All sorts of evil started to to be legalized, and therefore become human rights to then be normalized by adult teachers to schoolchildren from kindergarten to university.No-fault divorce,abortion on demand,sodomy,pornography,foul language and depravity of every sort in entertainment,Kinsey Sex Education,Homosexual marriage,euthanasia turning doctors to killers,adult school teachers and homosexual etc.,activists teaching schoolchildren to give sexual consent to anyone who can coerce them into it,and thus the assault of “neutral” Christless Democratic Secularism continues on the Christian Family starting with kindergarteners.

    It is time to “Politically” take our schools, government,courts,Churches,and society back from the so-called “neutral variety of Democratic Secular Paganism,before we reach the point of no return.Political Apathy and Indifference leads to Judicial and Political Tyranny.Politics reflects the values of society.

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